Epic Party Quest Demo Coming to Develop:Brighton

Redi Games is showcasing their soon-to-release retro party game, Epic Party Quest, at Develop:Brighton later this month.

Get ready to relive the glory days as a group of heroes recall their adventures. Players must compete for the top spot against friends and family, in a pixelated classic fantasy world, and, of course, humor and bragging rights await.

Epic Party Quest Screenshot of Mini game

What is Epic Party Quest?

Epic Party Quest marries the beloved retro aesthetic with the thrill of competitive minigames. The game puts players in the shoes of four heroes, with customizable skins and outfits to show off your style. The party makes merry at a tavern, retelling their exploits of slaying monsters and hunting for treasure. Consequently, each character has their own recollection of past triumphs. Obviously, there is only one way to settle the score.

As a result, players will revisit these heroes’ tales in the form of 15 unique fast-paced mini-games. Each minigame promises to be easy to learn with two variant game modes to keep things fresh. From action RPG mechanics to racing, everyone is ensured to find something to enjoy. Best of all the game features local multiplayer, even allowing players the option to use their phone as a controller.

Furthermore, in Epic Party Quest players can earn points to unlock new features between sessions. This includes, skins, outfits, game variations, and reactions. While the reactions system has not been explained in great detail, these are meant to add to the game’s narration between rounds.

Release Date and Details

Epic Party Quest is scheduled to make its debut via Steam on November 30th.

Attendees of Develop:Brighton will have the opportunity to try out a demo of the game. The UK-based event is to be held from July 11th through the 13th.

You can head over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it for future updates.