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Enshrouded: Is There PvP?

Enshrouded features co-op for up to 16 players, but is there also PvP? Here’s everything that you need to know.

Enshrouded is a massive fantasy action RPG that allows up to 16 players to explore its vast open world. The main focus of the game is cooperative play, encouraging players to build settlements together and uncover the many mysteries awaiting them. However, there are players who want nothing more than to fight one another for fun. Naturally, this has led many to wonder if Enshrouded features PvP modes. Below, we explain whether you can kill your friends in Enshrouded.

Does Enshrouded Have PvP?

No, Enshrouded does not have PvP. It is a completely cooperative or solo experience, and there is no way to engage in PvP battles. This has been confirmed by the developer, Keen Games, who states that the game has always intended to be a predominantly cooperative or solo experience. In response to a Steam Community post, Keen Games stated that Enshrouded is “a third-person, PVE game. It is focused on solo and cooperative play.”

However, while there is no PvP currently in the game, the developer has mentioned that it could be added in the future. In that same Community post, the developer said, “Does this mean we will never consider adding PVP? Not necessarily.” It’s worth noting, though, that while they may consider it, Keen Games has stated that PvP is not something they’re actively seeking to implement, telling players that if they were hoping for PvP at launch, they should go play any of the other “fun and promising survival PVP games out there!” instead.

Player standing on a cliffedge in Enshrouded

So, fans should definitely not expect PvP, at least not for a very long time. That’s everything you need to know about PvP in Enshrouded. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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