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Enshrouded: The Morning Grind Quest Guide

If you’re grinding your teeth trying to figure out The Morning Grind quest in Enshrouded, don’t panic. The solution is a lot easier than you may think.

Players attempting to complete The Morning Grind quest in Enshrouded will need to “search under the Grindmill floorboards in Willow Crush.” However, while that sounds pretty straightforward, several players are struggling to locate the hidden treasure beneath the Grindmill. Fortunately, once you know the secret, it’s very easy to find. It’s just a case of locating the correct Grindmill. Below, we explain exactly how to complete the Morning Grind quest and locate the hidden loot.

Morning Grind Hidden Loot Location in Enshrouded

The hidden loot in The Morning Grind quest in Enshrouded is located beneath rubble covering wooden floorboards at the base of the second Grindmill in Willow Crush. This Grindmill is located at the edge of town next to the cliff-edge and near buildings. You can get to Willow Crush by traveling south from either the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel point or north from the Ancient Spire – Springlands Fast Travel point.

Once in Willow Crush, players must go around the base of the Grindmill until they find a pile of rubble covering wooden planks. You will see a glowing red light coming from under the rubble. Then, you’ll need to mine the rubble until you can get under the floorboards. Once you’ve mined enough, you’ll see a pile of bones. Search it to get the Ring of Rapacity and complete the quest.

The location of the loot in the Morning Grind quest in Enshrouded
The location of the loot is beneath this rubble.
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A lot of players are getting stuck because the quest is sending them to the wrong Grindmill. As there are several in Willow Crush, it’s important to find the one with rubble covering floorboards at its base. The others are not the right Grindmills and do not contain the hidden treasure. That’s everything you need to know about The Morning Grind quest in Enshrouded. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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