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DreamHack Strikes 5-Year Deal with Melbourne & Ticket Details

The Australian gaming community breathes a sigh of relief as they are guaranteed to receive five more years of DreamHack in Melbourne.

The event organizers have promised that this year will be even bigger and better than ever. Here is everything there is to know, including ticket prices, release dates, event dates, venue details, and what you can expect to see at DreamHack 2024.

DreamHack 2024 Event Details

DreamHack 2024 is a three-day gaming lifestyle festival brought to you by the ESL FACEIT Group and its partner Transport Accident Commission (TAC). Their recent success in penning a deal with Visit Victoria and the event promoters TEG Live will see the event return to Melbourne for the third time.

Securing DreamHack for five years is yet another victory for Melbourne as it continues to assert itself as the gaming hub in Australia. The Minister for Tourism, Sport, and Major Events, Steve Dimopoulos, said: “DreamHack is a global digital games brand and is another addition to our blockbuster calendar of major events for Victoria in the coming years.”

Ben Green, the senior product Manager at ESL FACEIT Group, spoke on the breadth of content we can expect from DreamHack this year: “We’ll be turning Melbourne & Olympic Parks into Australia’s biggest meet-up for all things gaming lifestyle, with a broader range of content than ever before.”

Pundits will see all of their favorite DreamHack events return, from cosplay and creator-focused content, a massive gaming expo, an Artist Alley, and not to mention the iconic and world-famous Bring-Your-Own-Computer LAN tournament.

Cosplayer enthusiasts have more than ever to look forward to with the promise of an expanded offering that will see the Canadian Cosplay star, ‘Kinpatsu Cosplay,’ attending DreamHack as an official judge. There will be an Extreme Cosplay Gathering (ECG) event, allowing winners the opportunity to qualify for the International ECG hosted in Europe!

Cosplayers on Stage at Cosplay Contest Small Faces Distant - Dreamhack Australia 2023
Cosplayers on Stage at Cosplay Contest Small Faces Distant – DreamHack Australia 2023

When is DreamHack 2024, and How Much Are Tickets?

The 2024 DreamHack event will be held over three days this April 26-28. Tickets will go on sale on March 14 at 4 pm AEDT/3 pm AEST. Ticket pricing and inclusions for the event can be found in the table below.

Ticket TypePriceFull Festival Access Across All 3 DaysExtra Inclusions
3-Day Festival Pass$99YesN/A
3-Day BYOC LAN Pass$180Yes– Access & a reserved spot to compete in the DreamHack Melbourne BYOC LAN
– Collectible lanyard and badge
ESL Challenger “Row F” Upgrade+$70Yes– Early access to arena doors for ESL Challenger Melbourne
– ESL Challenger x DreamHack Goodie Bag
– Collectible lanyard and badge
DreamHack 2024 Ticket Pricing and Inclusions Guide

With DreamHack just around the corner, you’ll want to jump on as soon as tickets go live and secure yours as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out. For our Esports diehards out there, getting your hands on the “Row F” upgrade is an absolute must. DreamHack Looks will expand this year’s esports event by taking over Margaret Court Arena with some of Australia’s best pro gamers. With these, you’ll secure the best seats in the middle of the chaotically fun crowd, early access to the arena, and plenty of ESL x DreamHack Goodies to wave around.

The 2024 DreamHack offering is shaping up to be the best yet, as the team shows no sign of slowing in its mission to unite the community with the best possible event they can offer. “DreamHack Melbourne is all about bringing the community together – it doesn’t matter what you’re into, from video games to cosplay, esports to content creation, we are building a festival that is designed to be enjoyed by everyone.” – Ben Green.

That’s everything you need to know about DreamHack Melbourne 2024. See you there!

Crowd Watching ESL Challenger In MCA No Faces Stage - Dreamhack Australia 2023
Crowd Watching ESL Challenger In MCA No Faces Stage – DreamHack Australia 2023