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Dragon’s Dogma 2: What is the Best Starting Vocation?

Choosing your starting vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can be tricky, and with so many options, it’s hard to find the best one.

When loading up Dragon’s Dogma 2, players must create a character and choose one of four starting vocations. This is the class that players will begin the game with, and each one specializes in a different play style. As it can be a tough choice, we have provided the details below on what the best starting vocation is in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

What Is the Best Starting Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Thief is the best starting vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to pick out of the four. This vocation has two essential characteristics: mobility and rapid damage output.

While its primary weapon of two daggers feels inefficient on paper, you can do a bucket load of damage and escape without being touched by enemies. Furthermore, the Thief is incredible at jumping and latching on to large enemies and dealing damage while remaining completely damage free.

Notable Skills

  • Enkindled Blades (Rank 1): The Thief’s daggers are imbued with fire for a limited time. Players who are clinging onto bigger enemies or pinning smaller foes can also use the skill.
  • Skull Splitter (Rank 5): An advanced form of Helm Splitter that allows players to leap into the air and dive while spinning blades. This upgrade has the blades spin faster, allowing for more slashes and damage during the dive.
  • Formless Feint (Earned from Pilferer’s Handbook): Players use this ability to have their Thief character move at incredible speeds. Doing so allows them to dodge all attacks with stamina being used in the process.
Dragon's Dogma 2 Thief vocation select
Thief, In-game Screenshot

What Are the Other Starting Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Along with the Thief, there are three other starting vocations for players to select in Dragon’s Dogma 2: Mage, Archer, and Fighter. Below are the details for each of the vocations, including their combat style:


The Mage specializes in using magic to attack enemies and support allies. Players can use healing spells to help themselves and their pawns during a fight. Additionally, Mages can block damage with their spells, making them a jack-of-all-trades starting vocation.

Notable Skills

  • Anodyne (Rank 0): The Mage conjures a magical bubble that heals both players and their party members.
  • Palladium (Rank 1): Allows the Mage to block up to three attacks from enemies. The spell lasts for a limited time after being cast.
  • High Palladium (Rank 4): An upgraded version of Palladium that lasts longer and gives defense buffs to nearby party members.
Mage Dragon's dogma 2 vocation select
Mage, In-game Screenshot


The Archer vocation specializes in using a bow and arrow to take down their enemies. Players utilizing this vocation can attack enemies from farther away and hit hard on their weak spots; combined with their skills, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Notable Skills

  • Sweep Shot (Rank 1): Shoots arrows in a wedge pattern that hits multiple enemies at once. Can be used while standing still or on the move.
  • Exploding Shot (Rank 2): Launches an arrow that explodes after a small amount of time or when hit.
  • Tempest Shot (Rank 7): The upgraded version of Torrent Shot, which allows Archers to fire many arrows in a short period of time. This version allows for more arrows to be fired. As a note, Archers cannot move while using the ability.
Archer Dragon's Dogma 2 vocation select
Archer, In-game Screenshot


The Fighter vocation is for players who want to use the classic sword and shield combination. The vocation is great for providing both offense and defense in unison. The vocation’s skills allow players to use unique attacks with their swords and defensive abilities through the player’s shield.

Notable Skills

  • Airward Slash (Rank 1): The Fighter slashes their sword upwards while jumping. Good for both hitting enemies on the ground as well as airborne foes.
  • Full Moon Slash (Rank 6): An advanced form of Compass Slash. The fighter spins, hitting targets near. This version has the sword range go further, hitting enemies at a longer range.
  • Perfect Defense (Rank 7): The Fighter can defend all attacks from in front of them. While doing so Stamina is used up for each attack defended.
Fighter Dragon's Dogma 2 vocation select
Fighter, In-game Selection

That is everything to know about what the best starting vocation is in Dragon’s Dogma 2. If you like this guide and wish to learn more about the game, be sure to head to our Guide Hub here.