Destiny 2 Into The Light Event

Destiny 2’s Into The Light Event Details Have Been Leaked

The Destiny 2 community is alight with speculation after leaks have surfaced about the Into The Light event coming in April.

The ever-reliable Destiny 2 leak merchant Liz has returned with some of the features we can expect in the upcoming Into The Light event. With so many changes coming for Destiny 2, players look on with keen interest to see how the newest event will affect how they’ll play in the future.

Destiny 2 Into The Light Event Leaks Revealed

The next update on the horizon for Destiny 2 is the update known as Into The Light, which is scheduled to be released in April without an exact date. Liz, who runs the Destiny 2 leaks on Twitter and Discord, has shared many insights into what the team at Bungie could have in store for us, including the day on which it may be dropping, which is predicted to be April 9.

The Destiny 2 community believes that Bungie will hold a showcase explaining exactly what will be included in the event on April 9, and the update will be available to play immediately afterward. The next leak doing the rounds is that players will be getting a new social space to explore that will combine elements of the D1 Tower, D2 Tower, and the Helm. This one doesn’t come from Liz, so do what you will with that.

Destiny 2 Gameplay
Destiny 2 Gameplay

In Liz, We Trust

There have been further rumors that the new missions available in the Destiny 2 Into The Light event will occur on a different planet each week. This may or may not be incredibly exciting, and I’ll explain, this is because Bungie has vaulted many planets over the years. With so few planets available to play right now, players are holding out hope for some of their favorites to return.

However, with so little development time for this update, it seems unlikely that any planets will be getting unvalued, at least in this update. On this planetary topic, old planet weapons may be getting reissued with new perks, hopefully bringing more god rolls for us to grind for.

The last bit of gold Liz has left us is that the Recluse SMG and the Hammerhead LMG will be reissued alongside their respective ornaments, finding their way back into the Eververse store.

Remember to take all these leaks with a grain of salt, as Bungie has not confirmed them and likely won’t do so until the Into The Light event drops in Destiny 2. For now, though, these are the most credible leaks we know of so far; check out our guide hub for more news and guides.