Core Keeper: Paws & Claws Update: Enhancing Gameplay with Pets, Creative Mode, and More

Pugstorm and Fireshine Games are proud to unveil the latest Paws & Claws update for their survival sandbox game, Core Keeper.

Developed by the acclaimed Pugstorm Studio and published by Fireshine Games, Core Keeper offers an engaging mining sandbox adventure for one to eight players. As an explorer drawn to a mysterious relic, players awaken in an ancient cavern, testing their survival skills in a challenging environment. By mining resources, expanding bases, crafting items and equipment, growing crops, and defeating giant monsters, players can unravel the enigma of the ancient core.

The game features a vast, procedurally generated world with endless gameplay and resources, promising an unparalleled gaming experience. Core Keeper‘s Paws & Claws Update further enhances this experience, offering players new challenges, creative possibilities, and captivating companions.

This update not only showcases the developers’ dedication to enhancing the game but also emphasises their responsiveness to player feedback. As a result, Core Keeper continues to attract and engage players with its captivating underground world, endless gameplay possibilities, and a strong sense of community.

What is the Core Keeper: Paws & Claws Update?

Core Keeper, the widely acclaimed sandbox adventure game, has recently unveiled its Paws & Claws Update, offering players an exciting array of new features. Available now as a free download, Paws & Claws Update for Core Keeper introduces pets, a Creative Mode, and playable music from indie hits Stardew Valley and Valheim.

These additions aim to enrich the gaming experience. Providing players the opportunity to care for adorable creatures, build freely, and enjoy fresh in-game music.

In the new ‘Meadow’ sub-biome, players can now encounter pets like the Subterrier, Fanhare, Embertail, Jr Slimes, and Owlux. These charming companions can be fed and trained to gain experience, learn new skills, and help players in combat.

Furthermore, players can tend to farm animals such as Moolins, Bambucks, and Strolly Polys for valuable resources like milk, wool, and Strolly Poly plates. Pets not only create an engaging gameplay experience but also add a strategic depth to resource gathering and combat.

What Else is New in the Paws & Claws Update for Core Keeper?

The Paws & Claws Update also introduces a Creative Mode, a relaxed building mode that enables players to construct their dream underground bases without resource gathering or enemy interference. This new mode caters to those who enjoy creating intricate designs and complex structures without the pressures of surviving in the game’s challenging environment. Moreover, it provides an alternative gameplay experience that further expands Core Keeper‘s appeal to a broader audience.

Additionally, players can enjoy new playable music sheets from Stardew Valley and Valheim. Jam with friends using the newly added drumkit and piano, which complement the existing in-game playable musical instruments. This feature adds a new layer of interactivity and entertainment. Players can express their creativity through music and collaborate with friends in an underground band.

The update also incorporates various community-requested features, such as object rotation, improved combat mechanics, a bucket for liquid transport, and a novel glass material with refractive lighting effects and vibrant paint options. Pugstorm CEO & Creative Director, Fredrik Präntare, has expressed enthusiasm for the update, encouraging players to experience Core Keeper’s enhanced gameplay.

What is Core Keeper?

Core Keeper is an immersive mining sandbox adventure allowing 1 to 8 players to explore a procedurally generated, underground world with captivating creatures, relics, and resources. Players assume the role of explorers who awaken in an ancient cavern. They must rely on their survival skills to navigate this enigmatic environment.

The game combines elements of mining, building, crafting, and farming to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Ancient Core. With the ability to customize their characters and equipment, players can venture deeper into the cave, where they will encounter living biomes and formidable beasts. Core Keeper offers both single-player and multiplayer experiences. Collaborate with friends to mine resources, battle enemies, and thrive in this endlessly engrossing underground ecosystem.

Core Keeper has sold over a million units and continues to amass a loyal following. Its accolades include ‘Best Social Game 2022’ at the TIGA Games Industry Awards. Followed by a nomination for ‘Best Early Access Launch’ at the prestigious Golden Joystick Awards 2022.

Where can I buy Core Keeper?

Core Keeper is available on PC via Steam Early Access. Players will receive 20% off if purchased on Steam before May 23, 2023.

Core Keeper is currently not available on any other platforms.

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