Stardew Valley 1.5 update

The Stardew Valley 1.5 Update is Overflowing with New Content

Stardew Valley has received its most significant update since launch, right before Christmas. The new update includes many new changes, but the most notable being a new “Beach Farm”. According to the official blog, “It’s big, with good fishing and foraging opportunities, and the chance for rare supply crate to wash up on shore.”

There is now an “Advanced Game Options” option in the character creation menu. This gives you a variety of options to customize your game, and there are also some fresh cuts in the hairstyles menu.

Stardew Valley
The Beach Farm (Source)


Even though online multiplayer was already in Stardew Valley, local split-screen wasn’t. In update 1.5, you can build a cabin that allows up to 3 players to join your island. If you’re starting a brand new game, you can select to have cabins already built when you begin.

This is far from the only updates to the game. There are new people, monsters, goals, items, events, renovations, music, quality of life changes, and more. If you don’t find seeing spoilers, you can check out all of the changes in the official Stardew Valley blog.

Stardew Valley is currently 33% off on Steam right now. So, if you haven’t checked the game out yet, it could be the ideal game for the holiday period.


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