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Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies: What Is Toxic Damage & How to Deal it

Players will need to kill 250 Zombies with Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies to complete the Blister Digital TAQ-56 camo challenge. Here’s how you do it.

Toxic damage is an elemental type in MW3 Zombies that can be inflicted through two different means. You can either inflict it on a Zombie or Mercenary, or you can inflict it indirectly through a controlled Zombie. You will need to deal Toxic Damage in order to unlock the Blister Digital TAQ-56 camo. Fortunately, it is easier than it seems. Below, we explain exactly how to deal Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies so you can get the 250 kills

How to Deal Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies

There are 2 ways to deal Toxic Damage in MW3 Zombies. The first is by throwing an Experimental Gas grenade into a group of Zombies and then shoot them while they’re slowed down. The second is to use Brain Rot Ammo to either kill or control a Zombie. Any enemy killed by a Zombie controlled by you counts as a kill using Toxic Damage.

Experimental Gas is unlocked when you reach level 18 and by completing 5 Daily Challenges. Once unlocked, you can equip it in your Tactical Gear slot before heading into a match. Alternatively, they can be found scattered across the map at any time regardless of your level. Once thrown, it will slow down anything caught in its gas. Any zombies killed while in the gas will count as being killed with Toxic Damage.

Brain Rot Ammo schematic in MW3 Zombies

An alternate method to the Experimental Gas is using Brain Rot Ammo. To do this, you’ll either need to find it in Aether Caches and Reward Rifts, or find the schematic for it and Exfil with it in your Rucksack. You can kill Zombies using Brain Rot Ammo and this will count as a Toxic Damage kill. Alternatively, you can use it to control a Zombie for a short period of time, and anything it kills will count as a Toxic Damage kill.

That’s everything you need to know about Toxic Damage in Call of Duty: MW3. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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