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MW3 Zombies: How to Reach Dr. Jansen’s Coordinates

Dr. Jansen decides to defect and help players in MW3 Zombies, but first, she must be extracted. Here is how to find her.

To find Dr. Jansen, players must participate in a mission called “Extraction.” It is the final mission in Act 1 of the MW3 Zombies storyline. However, when assigned the mission, it may seem like there is no location to find her. Below are details on how to reach her and complete the mission.

How to reach Dr. Jansen’s Coordinates in MW3 Zombies

Players must go to an exfil location with a gold star icon next to it. Doing so starts the actual mission. When players begin Extraction, a location will pop up on the map, and activating it will initiate a defend mission; once players hold out long enough, a new objective will appear on the map.

The location is a yellow circle, and Dr. Jansen is in this area. Search for her on the main floor in the building of the objective area. When players find her and interact, a new defense segment will occur. After it concludes, players must take her to the roof and exfil out with her. Ensure she is following you, and do not leave her behind at the risk of being downed by the many zombies that rush the team.

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As the mission requires lots of defending, especially higher-tier enemies, ensure the proper equipment is handy. It is good to have either or both of your weapons Pack-a-Punched, with both weapon rarities being uncommon or rare, to make things easier for you and your team. Adding perks to your loadouts is a must, along with your upgraded weapons, to ensure survivability within the Extraction mission.

That is how to get to Dr. Jansen in the Extraction mission for the Act 1 finale. Anyone wanting to know more about Call of Duty: MW3 can head to our Game Guide Hub here for more details.