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Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies: How to Get the Cyphered Tablet

You’ll need Cyphered Tablets to complete several Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies missions, but locating them can be tricky. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

Cyphered Tablets are a requirement to complete several Act 1 Tier 5 missions, including Hands Off and Bring Em On. Typically, players are requested to collect one of these Tablets as a final objective in a mission. However, there are no instructions on how or where to get them. If you’re struggling to locate one, don’t worry. Below, we explain exactly where to locate these Cyphered Tablets so you can finally finish these pesky missions.

How to Get the Cyphered Tablet in MW3 Zombies

To get the Cyphered Tablet in MW3 Zombies, you must first finish every task in the mission you are completing. Once you’ve done this, the Cyphered Tablet will spawn after you kill the next random enemy. For example, in the mission Hands Off, you’ll need to complete the objectives “Kill 50 zombies with Sentry Guns” as well as “Kill 10 Mercs with Sentry Guns” before the Cyphered Tablet spawns. Its location will be marked on your Tac Map as soon as it is dropped, so don’t worry if you can’t immediately locate it. However, it should be in your general vicinity.

The Cyphered Tablet in MW3 Zombies
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If you die before you get a chance to pick up the Tablet, you’ll just need to redo the final part of the mission you’re tracking. It will then respawn, and you’ll be able to grab it and exfil. Cyphered Tablets do not spawn across the map, so there’s no chance of getting it outside of simply finishing all objectives. Additionally, it’s important to note that Cyphered Tablets do not appear in your inventory once you’ve picked them up. However, rest assured that you have collected it, and the game hasn’t glitched out.

That’s everything you need to know about collecting Cyphered Tablets in MW3 Zombies. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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