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Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies: All Ammo Mod Circuit Board Locations in MW3

Turret Ammo Mod Circuit Boards are vital to completing some missions in MW3 Zombies. Here is how to find and use them.

There are many unique tasks to complete within the MW3 Zombies mode, and some require using items called Turret Ammo Mods. However, the uninitiated may not know where to find them or even what they do. Fortunately, for those finding themselves in that position, we’re here to help. Below, we explain where to find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in MW3 Zombies and what they do.

All Ammo Mod Circuit Boards Locations in MW3 Zombies

Turret Ammo Mod Circuit Boards can be found randomly in Aether chests in Infested Strongholds, Mercenary Strongholds, and Aether Nests. Players must clear out either type of area by destroying all of the glowing yellow cysts. Once all have been eliminated players will receive a notification saying “Activity complete”, after which they can search the Aether chests. Hopefully, it will contain the Turret Circuit Board Mods.

In terms of Mercenary Strongholds, players must open the doors by using a Stronghold Keycard. You can get these by either looting the chest at a Mercenary Camp, purchasing it for 2000 Essence from a Buy Station, or taking down a Mercenary Convoy.

MW3 Zombies Turret
Turret, In-game Screenshot

What Do Turret Ammo Mod Circuit Boards Do in MW3 Zombies?

Turret Ammo Mod Circuits are used to turn Deadbolt Turrets on and eliminate enemies in MW3 Zombies. Each mod allows for different effects, such as Brain Rot turning random zombies into temporary allies or Dead Wire, which shocks and stuns zombies briefly. Players must search for the Turret symbols on the map for their location, then interact with it, taking the mod from their backpack and placing it in.

That is all of the information on the Turret Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in MW3 Zombies. Anyone curious to know more about the game can look into our Game Guide Hub here.