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What Do Harvester Orbs Do In MW3 Zombies?

There are many activities to pursue in MW3 Zombies, and the Harvester Orbs are one such example. But what do they do?

The Call of Duty Zombies map of Urzikstan is massive and contains plenty of tasks for players to do. However, one mysterious thing players can find in the map are the Harvester Orbs. Below, we go into detail on what exactly they are and what they do for players within the map.

What Are Harvester Orbs In MW3 Zombies?

The Harvester Orbs are floating purple orbs that spawn within the MW3 Zombies map and can be destroyed. The exact spawn rates and locations of the orbs are random. However, you will find them randomly moving around on the map screen. If players shoot them down, they’ll uncover their true purpose, which we detail below.

MW3 Zombies Harvester Orb
Harvester Orb, Image Credit – PC Invasion

What Do Harvester Orbs Do In MW3 Zombies?

The Harvester Orbs reward players with items like Aether Tools, Essence, and much more when destroyed. They are very easy to break and give useful rewards, especially within the early stages of MW3 Zombies. While it may not sound like a worthwhile pursuit, the dropped Essence can help in getting perks or a Pack-a-Punched weapon. In terms of the Aether Tools, players can use those to get a headstart in strengthening their weapons. Finding these pesky orbs is absolutely worthwhile.

Harvester Orbs Location in MW3 Zombies

The Harvester Orbs spawn randomly within open areas or near landing spots at the beginning of a match. Their spawn rate doesn’t change in any zone, but they will likely be hovering around areas where they cannot conflict with buildings, so players can expect them to be over fields and roads. As stated before, they can also be seen on the map moving around, so squads should watch both the map and when running around.

That’s everything you need to know about the Harvester Orbs in MW3. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.