Call of Duty: MW3: How to Get & Use Tactical Insertions

Tactical Insertion is an incredibly useful Field Upgrade in Call of Duty: MW3 that players will want to unlock as soon as possible. Here’s how you get it.

The Tactical Insertion Field Upgrade allows players to set a spawn point absolutely anywhere in a Multiplayer match. It’s a useful tool, especially in the larger game modes such as Invasion or Ground War. However, it isn’t automatically unlocked from the start, and players will need to grind a little to get it. Below, we outline exactly how you unlock and use the Tactical Insertion Field Upgrade in MW3.

How to Unlock Tactical Insertions in MW3

You unlock Tactical Insertions in MW3 at player rank 45. Once unlocked, you’ll find it under the Field Upgrade section in your loadout. There is no other way of unlocking Tactical Insertions in MW3. However, it is in the Counter-Invasion preset class loadout. So, if you want to use it without having it in your own unique loadout, you can do so via this preset class.

The easiest way to reach player rank 45 quickly is to complete as many Daily and Weekly Challenges as you can. Multiplayer and Zombies have their own set of challenges, both of which give XP that contributes towards your overall player rank. Of course, using XP tokens will help you tremendously. Additionally, you can earn XP by simply farming zombies in the Zombies mode. This is probably the easiest method if you were already planning on playing the game, and a lot of fun to do with a friend.

The Tactical Insertion Field Upgrade in MW3
The Tactical Insertion Field Upgrade in MW3

How to Use Tactical Insertions in MW3

To use a Tactical Insertion in MW3, stand in the location you would like to respawn at and activate your Field Upgrade. You will drop a Tactical Insertion flare, which you will then spawn at when you next die. You’ll be able to see the flare icon on your map when respawning exactly where you dropped it. It can be dropped anywhere on the map, including behind enemy lines.

If you decide you don’t want to spawn at your Tac Insert, you can cancel it and spawn as you would normally. That’s everything that you need to know about the Tactical Insertion Field Upgrade. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Games Hub.

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