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Call of Duty: MW3: How to Use Killstreaks

Killstreaks are a powerful tool that can turn the tide of battle in Call of Duty: MW3, but some players may be confused about how to use them.

Killstreaks have been a mainstay in the Call of Duty series since the original Modern Warfare back in 2007. Each game includes a range of Killstreaks that players can use against their opponents either offensively or defensively. Fortunately, MW3 features this iconic mechanic, and below, we explain how to use them.

How to Use Killstreaks in MW3

To use a Killstreak in Modern Warfare 3, press the following key depending on your platform:

  • PlayStation/Xbox – Right on the D-Pad
  • PC – 1 to 5

Of course, to use a Killstreak, you must first get the requisite amount of kills to unlock it. Each of your three Killstreaks will require a different number of kills to use. The more powerful the Killstreak, the more kills you need to get to use it.

The Killstreak command in game in Modern Warfare 3

How to Change Killstreaks in MW3

To change your Killstreaks you need to head to the Weapons tab in the pre-game menu, select Killstreaks, and then choose the Killstreak you want to swap to.

Here is a complete breakdown of how to change your Killstreaks:

  • Select the Weapons tab before launching a game
  • Select Killstreaks next to Loadout
  • Choose which Killstreak you want to swap to
  • Press X (PlayStation), A (Xbox), or left-click (PC) to confirm your choice
How to change Killstreaks in MW3

Of course, if you’re looking for more guides, you can check out the best perks and loadouts in our MW3 Games Hub, as well as the latest news.

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    1. Hey Max, there is no killstreak tab on Warzone as you don’t receive killstreaks in Warzone by getting kills. Instead, these can be acquired from looting in-game.

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