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Call of Duty: MW3: How to Slide Cancel

The popular movement technique slide canceling makes a return in Call of Duty: MW3, and here is how you pull it off.

Slide canceling was popularized in Modern Warfare 2019 and quickly became a fan-favorite method of moving around maps. However, fans were disappointed to learn that it was removed in last year’s MW2, leading them to beg for its return. Fortunately, Activision listened, and it’s back and better than ever in MW3. Below, we explain exactly how to pull off this method on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

How to Slide Cancel in MW3

To slide cancel in MW3, you need to slide while sprinting, jump, and then aim all immediately one after the other. This differs per platform, so here are the exact controls you’ll need to press:

  • Press the slide button while sprinting
    • Circle (PlayStation), B (Xbox), Left Control (PC)
  • Jump immediately after you begin sliding
    • Circle (PlayStation), B (Xbox), Left Control (PC)
  • Aim down sights after you’ve jumped
    • RT (PlayStation & Xbox), Right Mouse Button (PC)

There is an easier way of slide canceling on consoles: switch your default controls to the Tactical button layout. This switches the melee button with the Change Stance button, allowing you to crouch, slide, and dive with just R3 instead of Circle, making aiming when you come out of a slide cancel easier. You can check out the movement technique in action below:

It is worth testing out this method in Private Matches, as you’ll be able to do so uninterrupted. Once you’ve got the hang of it, head out into an online match and try it on your opponents. In the meantime, make sure to check out our Games Hub for all our other guides and loadouts for MW3.

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