Call of Duty MW3: Campaign, Story, and New Feature Details

Call of Duty: MW3 had an explosive reveal and many details have come forth, including new information on the game’s campaign.

Aside from the multiplayer information from today, new details about the game’s narrative have been discussed. After the cliffhanger ending in Modern Warfare 2, those looking to play the next component of the Modern Warfare story can read on.

Price MW3
Captain Price, Image Credit – Sledgehammer Games

What’s Next in the Story for MW3?

After the name drop of notorious Call of Duty villain, Vladimir Makarov, at the end of Modern Warfare 2, the story looks to take a more menacing turn in MW3. Players will see the team of Task Force 141 fight against their greatest enemy yet. Makarov, an ultranationalist Russian criminal, looks to cause devastation on a global scale by igniting a world war.

Captain Price, and the rest of the team, must utilize all of their skills and tactics to keep the world from Makarov’s grasp and, in turn, spiraling out of control. Players will experience the high-stakes campaign a week early if they preorder MW3.

Ghost MW3 Campaign
Ghost in Campaign Screenshot, Image Credit – Sledgehammer Games

New MW3 Campaign Features

The MW3 Campaign will feature classic mission setups from the previous games, with modern elements that look to enhance the overall player experience.


Players can look forward to using different loadouts when they embark on operations throughout the MW3 narrative. Dictating how they play through a mission and what style of combat they choose; loud and fast or slow and quiet. The loadout feature will work in unison with the new style of campaign missions coming to the game.

Open Combat Missions

A brand-new, exciting gameplay element is being introduced in Modern Warfare 3. Open combat missions (OCM) are a campaign feature that allows players to choose how they undertake a mission. Whether they prefer a full stealth approach with night-vision goggles and silenced weapons, or going in loud and proud, it’s entirely up to the player how they complete their objectives. The OCM maps are much bigger than a regular mission map and players can use different vehicles scattered throughout to move around. Ultimately, this gives players an exciting new way to play through the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releases on November 10, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via You can check out our MW3 Hub for all information about the game.