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Bungie Leadership Possibly Leaving By Q3 2026

As the Sony buyout of Bungie fully closes in Q3 2026, many within the developer believe the leadership will leave.

In July 2022, Sony Interactive Entertainment purchased Bungie, the developer of Destiny and Halo, for US$3.6 billion. However, with Sony expected to complete their purchase payoff by the third quarter of 2026, it is believed that much of the leadership, including CEO Pete Parsons, may leave the company.

Bungie Leadership May Leave Studio By Q3 2026

Bungie was a greatly affected studio after the many layoffs that plagued the gaming industry in 2023 and 2024. Countless employees were let go, but it seems all is not over. IGN has reported that Christopher Barrett, the director of Bungie’s next title, Marathon, was also let go. Barrett has been replaced by Joe Ziegler, who was previously a game director on Valorant at Riot Games before he left for Bungie in 2022. Ziegler confirmed this via X. He stated in a post that he has been the game director on Marathon for “the last 9 Months.”

However, both the mass layoffs and Barrett’s recent firings have created rumors within Bungie that the leadership team will depart once Sony completes the buyout. Furthermore, many believe more layoffs will come once Destiny 2’s newest expansion, The Final Shape, launches.

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Marathon Reveal Trailer Screenshot

The Final Shape’s Success Could Decide the Fate of Bungie Employees

In that same IGN report, an insider with knowledge of Bungie’s budgets believes that the numbers don’t add up. They told IGN that “something will need to happen to curb costs unless The Final Shape does so well to cover the gap and people can move to Marathon.” As Sony is relying on profit from the anticipated Destiny 2 expansion, if expectations fall short, fault could be placed on those running the studio.

Only time will tell what remains of the leadership at Bungie once Sony fully pays out the studio. However, if the Activision-Blizzard buyout by Microsoft is any indication, management will likely leave, and new staff will be brought in. As Marathon is still a way out for Bungie, their next big chance for profit comes from the June 4, 2024, release of Destiny 2’s The Final Shape. Additionally, Sony may likely look to clean house and bring in fresh faces to boost morale and a change of pace for the developer.


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