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Retro Horror Adventure Title, Boreal Tenebrae, Coming To Consoles

Published on consoles by RedDeerGames and developed by Snot Bubbles Productions, the retro horror adventure title, Boreal Tenebrae is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Touted as being Stranger Things meets Twin Peaks, Boreal Tenebrae is a retro horror adventure game inspired by PlayStation 1 classics. Releasing way back on the 19th of May, 2020 on Steam, it has racked up 88% positive reviews, with fans praising its retro visuals and unsettling atmosphere. The game was even nominated for Best Art Direction and Best Narrative at the Canadian Game Awards 2021. One quick glance at the game’s screenshots explains why.

Boreal Tenebrae - Gameplay
Image Credit – Snot Bubbles Productions

What Is Boreal Tenebrae?

Boreal Tenebrae puts players in the role of a teenage girl named Bree. After her sister Sarah goes missing from their dilapidated and mysterious town, you must head out and search for her. Explore the unsettlingly surreal world as you play as multiple characters each with their own unique narratives. This horror-focused title also has a fixed camera, so if you’re a fan of classic PlayStation 1 horror titles, then this is right up your alley. Here is a list of some of what you can expect from Boreal Tenebrae:

  • Experience a horror adventure title inspired by PlayStation 1 horror classics
  • Explore a creepy and horrific world full of unsettling things to see  
  • Uncover a dark and twisted mystery across story-driven quests
  • Play as multiple characters each with their own unique narratives
  • Observe the mysteries unfold from a fixed-camera perspective
Image Credit – Snot Bubbles Productions

Release Date & Price

Boreal Tenebrae will be released on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. There is currently no word on the release date. However, you can head on over to the game’s Steam store page and pick up Act 1 for just $2.99/£2.09.