BG3: Gale Romance and Recruitment Guide

Gale, a prominent Human Wizard with a Sage background, stands out in the diverse cast of characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. While his arcane proficiency is unmatched, it is his intricate personality that truly captivates.

Underneath his scholarly demeanour lies a complex, morally earnest individual, driven by ambition and haunted by a love for a goddess that led him to dabble in forbidden magics. His journey is one of redemption, power, and the delicate balance of passion. This makes him a fascinating companion to recruit and build a relationship with.

As with all characters in the realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, relationships are multifaceted. Navigating the intricate dance of gaining a companion’s trust, securing their approval through choices, and potentially courting them for romance forms an essential and immersive part of the gaming experience.

BG3 Gale

How To Recruit Gale As A Companion

Recruiting Gale into your party is an uncomplicated affair. You’ll encounter him at the Roadside Cliffs waypoint, which lies to the north of the crash site. After the Nautilus crash, follow the northern path from the wreckage until you spot a purple portal with a desperate arm reaching out for help. Upon choosing to assist, you’ll successfully free Gale from the portal. A brief interaction ensues where Gale graciously offers his arcane expertise to your cause.

How To Start A Relationship With Gale

Forming a bond with Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3 is dependent on understanding his approval mechanism. His approval is closely tied to his sense of morality and his intrinsic quest to become a formidable wizard. To gain his favour, players must align their actions with Gale’s moral compass. He appreciates benevolent deeds, understanding, and a genuine interest in the arcane.

Actions that Increase Gale’s Approval:

  • Undertaking ethical and kind-hearted decisions.
  • Offering Gale artifacts to satiate his magical appetite.
  • Kind interactions with the creatures at camp, especially the animals.

Actions that Decrease Gale’s Approval:

  • Engaging in malevolent or unscrupulous activities.
  • Breaching Gale’s personal boundaries, like prying into his memories without consent.
  • Aiding Goblins in any operations that threaten the well-being of Tieflings or Druids.

In essence, his approval is dependent on moral choices, kindness, and honesty.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Gale

How to Romance Gale?

Building a relationship with Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3 is an intricate dance of understanding, shared experiences, and mutual respect. The journey begins with multiple interactions at the camp, allowing you to unravel the layers of his character.

His tales of woe and magic form the basis of a potential romance, only strengthened by mutual experiences in the Weave and genuine expressions of affection. Once you have reached a medium approval rating with Gale, interact with him in camp.

Follow these dialogue options:

  • “Magical.” or “You’re a good teacher.”
  • “You hold on to the moment. It’s a good night for intimacy.”
  • “You picture kissing him.” or “Picture holding hands with him.”

This will prompt Gale to show you the mysterious Weave.


Once this foundation of intimacy is established, approach Gale later and reflect on the magical moment you both shared in the Weave. As the bond grows, and after another shared night at camp, Gale will approach saying “Thank you.”

Choose these dialogue options:

  • “I’m sure you’re welcome.”
  • “Make merry, just the two of us. What would that entail?”
  • “You’re remarkably upfront about your intentions.”
  • “I think that sounds delightful.”

As the evening draws near and the atmosphere becomes thick with anticipation, make your way to the bedroll. There, you’ll find the option for Gale to accompany you. By selecting this option, the culmination of your efforts will be rewarded with a tender moment between your character and Gale, marking the establishment of a profound connection.

Engaging in a romantic relationship with Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3 requires empathy, patience, and genuine interest. Every conversation and choice made in his presence paves the way for a deeper bond. Remember, the heart of the romance lies in understanding Gale’s complexities and meeting them with affection and care.

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