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Deck-Building RPG, Baby Goat Billy, Coming To Steam Early Access Soon

Baby Goat Billy, the story-driven deck-building RPG developed by Studio 90 is entering Steam Early Access next month.

Baby Goat Billy is the debut title from indie developer Studio 90. It hopes to fuse turn-based deck-building gameplay with an immersive world and narrative. It starts its initial Early Access phase next month. According to its Steam store page, it intends on staying there for “6-12 months”. Studio 90 wants to work directly with the community to implement their changes and help shape it into an indie hit.

In its initial Early Access state, Baby Goat Billy will be “fully playable”. It will have over 45 cards, 18 enemies, a deckbuilding system, character progression and more. According to its Steam store page, the full version will have more enemies and cards, challenging combat mechanics, quests, collectables and a new dungeon.

Image Credit – Studio 90

You can check out its Early Access launch trailer here.

What Is Baby Goat Billy?

Baby Goat Billy is an immersive turn-based deck-building RPG. The player must explore dungeons in search of their baby brother who has gone missing. Through interactions with a colourful cast of characters, exciting turn-based combat and uncovering mysteries, the player will unlock additional pieces of the game’s story. You’ll have to think strategically about which cards make it into your deck so you can pull off the perfect run. Here is some of what you can expect when it launches next month:

  • Experience an engaging story about finding your lost brother
  • Explore an immersive world full of goat mythology
  • Interact with a diverse cast of characters
  • Complete a variety of side quests and challenges
  • Engage with a riveting and rewarding turn-based combat system
  • Summon Totems to turn the tide of battle and enhance your deck
  • Overcome movement based obstacles that will test your reflexes
Baby Goat Billy - Gameplay
Image Credit – Studio 90

Release Date & Price

Baby Goat Billy is coming to Steam Early Access on November 4th. It will cost $10.99 with the price set to increase when new content is implemented. Head on over to the game’s Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified of when it launches.