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Tactical RPG, The Last Spell, Now Available In Steam Early Access

 Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games have launched their roguelite tactical RPG, The Last Spell, into Steam Early Access.

The Last Spell is a tactical RPG with roguelite elements. Having launched into Early Access only yesterday, it’s already garnered 81% positive reviews on Steam across 242 reviews. The Last Spell is developed by Ishtar Games, formerly known as CCCP, who are responsible for the survival management game, Dead In Vinland. That too sits at 81% positive reviews on Steam, which goes to show Ishtar Games know what they’re doing. This is another attempt by Ishtar Games to mix different genres and create a unique experience.

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What Is The Last Spell?

The Last Spell puts the player in the role of defending one of the world’s last Havens. Overwhelming hordes threaten its destruction every night, so it is up to the player to manage their settlement during the day and defend it by night. You’ll experience turn-based combat, city management, RPG mechanics and an incredible metal soundtrack. What’s not to love? Here’s just some of what you can do in The Last Spell:

  • Re-build your haven by day, defend it by night
  • Engage in turn-based combat and command squads of soldiers to inflict devastating damage on the invading hordes
  • Build structures to help defend your settlement and upgrade them to make them that much more fearsome
  • Return from your pyrrhic losses with renewed vigour as the tactics, weapons, skills and buildings you learn carry over into the next battle
  • Listen to a “synth-driven instrumental progressive metal OST” by French musician Rémi Gallego, aka The Algorithm
The Last Spell - Gameplay
Image Credit – Ishtar Games

Release Date & Price

The Last Spell is available right now in Steam Early Access. It costs £15.49/$19.99, although it is currently having a 10% discount sale. Head on over to its Steam store page to support the developers during its Early Access phase. Let us know your thoughts on The Last Spell down in the comments below.

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