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All The Video Games Releasing in January 2024

2024 is starting off with a bang as January brings with it the release of several highly anticipated video games. Here’s everything releasing in January.

Much like all of 2023, December brought with it several high-profile titles. It also finally saw Baldur’s Gate 3 release on Xbox. Fortunately, the party continues as January 2024 sees the launch of many intriguing indies and action-packed triple-A games. Below, we outline all of the games you’ll want to spend your Christmas money on.

January 1 – 7

GamePlatformsRelease Date
Micro Machines: Mini Challenge MayhemMeta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, PCJanuary 4
Portal: RevolutionPCJanuary 5

January 8 – 14

GamePlatformsRelease Date
ArchaelundPC (Early Access)January 8
Buriedbornes2PCJanuary 10
Arknights: EndfieldPCJanuary 11
War HospitalPC, PS5January 11
Top Racer CollectionPC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, SwitchJanuary 11
Laika: Aged Through BloodSwitchJanuary 11
RadiancePCJanuary 11
Momodora: Moonlit FarewellPCJanuary 11
Crystal Story: Dawn of DuskPCJanuary 12
DeletedPCJanuary 12
Laika: Aged Through Blood gameplay
Laika: Aged Through Blood

January 15 – 21

GamePlatformsRelease Date
Sovereign SyndicatePCJanuary 15
Toy Trains VRMeta Quest, PC, PSVR 2January 16
Bahnsen KnightsPS4, PS5January 17
All Quiet in the TrenchesPC (Early Access)January 17
Prince of Persia: The Lost CrownPC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, SwitchJanuary 18
Bulletstorm VROculus Quest, PC, PS5, PSVR 2January 18
DreadOut 2SwitchJanuary 18
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: The Thrilling Steamy Maze KiwamiPC, PS5, Switch, Android, iOSJanuary 18
Rising LordsPC, Switch, Xbox Series X/SJanuary 18
Turnip Boy Robs a BankPC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/SJanuary 18
Choo-Choo CharlesSwitchJanuary 18
New CyclePCJanuary 18
The CubPC, PS4, PS5January 19
ArclandsPCJanuary 19
Another Code: RecollectionSwitchJanuary 19
The Last of Us Part 2 RemasteredPS5January 19
Prince of Persia Lost Crown main character
Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

January 22 – 28

GamePlatformsRelease Date
The Universim PCJanuary 22
Neptunia: Sisters VS SistersPC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, SwitchJanuary 23
Stargate: TimekeepersPCJanuary 23
GravenPCJanuary 23
Enshrouded PC (Early Access)January 24
Roots of YggdrasilPC (Early Access)January 24
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney TrilogyPC, SwitchJanuary 25
Go Mecha BallPC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/SJanuary 25
White SandsPC (Early Access)January 25
Unforetold: WitchstonePCJanuary 25
Under Night In-Birth II Sys:CelesPC, PS4, PS5, SwitchJanuary 25
Touhou Lunar NightsPS4, PS5January 25
Like a Dragon: Infinite WealthPC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/SJanuary 26
Tekken 8PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/SJanuary 26
Ichiban from Yakuza Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

January 29 – 31

GamePlatformsRelease Date
Never Mourn PC January 29
Rugby 24PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/SJanuary 30
One Punch Man: WorldPC, Android, iOSJanuary 30
The Quinfall PCJanuary 30
Dark LightPS4, PS5January 30
The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout AnthologyPC, PS5, Xbox Series X/SJanuary 30
Eastward: Octopia PC, SwitchJanuary 31
Speed CrewPC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/SJanuary 31

January Releases

These are all the games releasing in January that do not have a confirmed release date.

Time Survivors PC
Chronique des SilencieuxPC
The Legend of Steel EmpireSwitch
Blockbuster Inc.PC
Cannibal TalesPC
Uboat Mechanic Simulator PC
Minishoot’ AdventuresPC
The Great Villainess: Strategy of LilyPC
Palworld creature holding a minigun

These are most of the video games releasing in January 2024. Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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