PlayStation Plus January Games Feature A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, & Nobody Saves the World

The monthly PlayStation Plus games for January have been announced, including a gritty sequel, a third-person shooter, an innovative dungeon crawler, and exclusive cosmetics.

The January PlayStation Plus Games are A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, and Nobody Saves the World. Additionally, you will get an exclusive Warframe Pack. They will all be available to download starting Tuesday, January 2, 2024. It should be noted that the December 2023 lineup will be expiring on January 1, 2024. You’ll need to download the currently available games soon if you don’t want to miss out. Below, we explain what you can expect from each game and the exclusive pack.

A Plague Tale: Requiem – PS5

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the sequel to the award-winning A Plague Tale: Innocence. You’ll venture through cities and discover new regions, all while attempting to survive after escaping Amicia and Hugo’s homeland. In this new location, the pair will attempt to begin a new life as they continue to keep Hugo’s curse at bay. However, Hugo’s burden of power reawakens inside him, bringing a devastating amount of rats flooding their new home, causing them to flee again to survive. They encounter an island of prophecy during their journey, potentially holding the key to Hugo’s survival. You will also go up against enemies and tackle various challenges with a selection of weapons, tools, and supernatural powers to discover how far you’ll go to save someone you love.

PlayStation Plus January Game – A Plague Tale: Requiem

Evil West – PS4/PS5

In Evil West, you play as one of the last agents of a top-secret vampire-hunting institute. You are the last line of defense to save humanity from a dark terror that has emerged from the shadows and has consumed the American Frontier. You’ll have an arsenal of firearms, a lightning-fueled gauntlet, and gadgets to kill the bloodthirsty monsters that invade the world while exploring the narrative-driven campaign alone or in co-op. Supernatural entities will come at you in hordes, and your available weapons will have upgrades and perks to help you master your play style as you defeat the threat that haunts the American frontier.

PlayStation Plus January Game – Evil West

Nobody Saves the World – PS4/PS5

Nobody Saves the World is the acclaimed action RPG from the creators of Guacamelee. You play as Nobody, who can turn into various creatures, such as a Slug, Ghost, and Dragon. As you complete the various quests in Nobody Saves the World, you’ll discover and swap between over fifteen available forms, which have their own distinct quests as well. You can venture through the large open world alone or with a friend, clearing dungeons as you try to stop The Calamity.

PlayStation Plus January Game – Nobody Saves the World

Warframe: Syrinx Collection – Exclusive PlayStation Plus Pack

The Warframe: Syrinx Collection is exclusive to PlayStation Plus members and contains a selection of weaponry, armor, and items. Below, we outline what is included in the pack.

  • Syrinx Chest Plate
  • Syrinx Shoulder Plates
  • Syrinx Leg Plates
  • Baza Rifle
  • Cassowar Polearm
  • Storm Color Palette
  • Essential Base Damage Mod Bundle
  • Essential Critical Damage Mod Bundle
  • 2x Orokin Catalysts
  • 170 Platinum
  • 7-Day Affinity Booster
  • 7-Day Credit Booster

If you’re interested in downloading the exclusive Warframe pack, you’ll find it in the PlayStation Plus Monthy Games section on the PlayStation store. Once you download the available pack, everything included will be found in your Warframe inventory, regardless of whether you’re a new or veteran player. It’s required to download Warframe to use the exclusive pack.

Exclusive PlayStation Plus Pack – Warframe: Syrinx Collection

When Will the PlayStation Plus January Games Be Available?

The PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for January will be available from Tuesday, January 2, 2024, until Monday, February 5, 2024. It should be noted that any games downloaded from PlayStation Plus will be kept in your game library as long as you are subscribed to the service. If your subscription expires, you’ll no longer have access to the free games you have downloaded.

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