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Lords of the Fallen Releases Patch Addressing Many Crashes and Fixes for PC Players

Lords of the Fallen was released a few days ago to a mediocre reception from fans due to performance-related issues.

Fortunately, the latest patch by developer Hexworks directly addresses some of these game performance issues and even provides players with a solution on how to fix them. Here are all the patch notes for Update 1.1.191 for Lords of the Fallen:

All Platforms


  • Bringers of Stillness and Scarlet Shadows have had the damage output of their two gap-closing attacks reduced to not be so punishing when attacking from their own shadow.
  • Charred Spirits in the lower city have seen their damage output slightly nerfed, from 80 to 64 to compensate for them being the most aggressive “walking corpse” type.
  • All “walking corpses” have seen their charged attack damage reduced from 1.18 to 0.8, as their animations are not properly reflecting the danger of the hit. Their anticipation has been slightly adjusted for better readability.
  • Skein working forces have now a better-adjusted hitbox, as we felt it was spawning just a few frames too early.
  • Barrage of echoes (eyeball umbral spell) has received an additional failsafe to make sure they always explode when hitting any environment element.
  • Adjusted the hit direction of some projectiles that could make the player hit-react in an undesired direction. Purely cosmetic.
  • Ruiner has seen his fire shield attack and his jump knockdown attack damage slightly reduced. In exchange, his standard damage has been slightly buffed from 81-95. The idea is for players to still be scared of him, but reduce the amount of one-shots in later regions of the game.


  • The Spurned Progeny has received a small tweak to make sure he never interrupts one of his combos, regardless of the player’s actions.
  • The arena of the trio of secret bosses hiding at a secret place, has been tweaked to help them navigate the space more efficiently. Also, if they enter the column in shadow form, they now know how to exit. They’re effectively more dangerous adversaries now.
Lords of the Fallen In-game Screenshot1
Lords of the Fallen In-game Screenshot


  • After optimization, Pieta chest armor lost some of the IDs for the tincts. This has been corrected so tincts can be properly applied to it.
  • Fixed a nanite mesh on the 3D Gallery background that was incorrectly animated, creating white dot artefacts.


  • Barrage of echoes eyeballs explosion had a lingering VFX that could be kept active for longer than intended, which hindered performance if abused.

Photo Mode

  • Photo Mode had a small black line on the right-bottom corner. This line is now gone.


  • Umbral stigmas now have a nicer sound for their activation and deactivation.


  • We’ve deactivated the ability to parry other players’ kicks to allow an additional option when you find a very good “parrier”.


We’ve worked diligently to fix some of the issues that unfortunately have affected some of our players.

Rest assured that our commitment to enabling as many people as possible to immerse themselves in our game world is what drives our passion.

Thanks to the data provided to our “Sentry” bug database by players who clicked “send” on the crash report pop-up, we’ve been able to identify four main issues:

Non-Updated Drivers

Lords of the Fallen is powered by UE5, a high-end technology that requires the latest GPU drivers. We’ve observed that the majority of crashes result from outdated drivers.

That’s why, starting now, when the game launches, it checks for the installed drivers and prompts an update if they are not up to date, redirecting to the respective GPU providers: Nvidia or AMD

Lords of the Fallen Launch Screenshot 3
Lords of the Fallen Launch Artwork

Frame Generation Stability

Despite our eagerness to provide players with the latest technologies, Sentry noticed that Frame Generation is also leading to crashes under specific conditions.

We have decided to temporarily deactivate Frame Generation until our collaboration with NVIDIA allows us to deliver more stable drivers. This action is intended to prevent the crashes that some players are experiencing with their brand-new 40 series GPUs.

Unidentified GPU crashes

An engine error that could occur with certain 30 and 40 series GPUs, causing the game to crash even with auto-set graphics, has been partially addressed.

EPIC has promptly provided us with a patch that includes additional fail-safes to prevent those crashes, and it’s been integrated to resolve most of these crashes.

We’ve also observed that quite a few players enable settings that their rigs cannot handle, especially in terms of VRAM. If you experience instability, low frame rates, or even crashes (especially DX12 crashes), simply click on “AUTO-SET” within the Graphics Settings, and this will most likely resolve your issues.

Crash After First Cinematic

An issue with the engine code related to the calculation of Pipeline State Objects (PSOs) has been identified in Sentry. This issue resulted in crashes when shaders were being compiled after the first cinematic of the game.

EPIC has been swift and efficient in providing a solution, which has now been integrated into the game and should resolve the majority of cases.

However, if the issue still persists, we’ve provided a workaround to allow you to access the game. Please note that this workaround may result in some micro-freezes the first time you enter a new area of the game. To deactivate PSOs calculation, please follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the game in your Library.
  2. Click on Properties.
  3. In the General tab, enter the following modifier in the Launch Options text box: -nopsos
Lords of the Fallen In-game Screenshot1
Lords of the Fallen In-game Screenshot


  • No platform-specific changes.


  • We’ve fixed the issue with the loading of low LODs for the Xbox Series X.

Steam Deck

Steamdeck now has a virtual keyboard.

That’s all the changes in Patch 1.1.191 for Lords of the Fallen. Make sure you check out our Game Hub for all the latest news and guides on the game.


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