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All Achievements & Trophies in The Finals

The goal in The Finals is to win each game, but if you’re a platinum or achievement hunter, you will have to perform some exciting kills along the way.

Every game has Trophies or Achievements for players to collect, and The Finals is no different. Whether a first-time collector or a dedicated veteran, we have curated the complete list of trophies and achievements to earn in the hit free-to-play shooter. Below are all the details, including the names, how to unlock them, and the elusive hidden achievements and trophies.

The Finals: List of Trophies & Achievements

Overall, there are 51 achievements and trophies in The Finals, including the Platinum and six hidden achievements. Below is the list of each and how to obtain them:

NameDescriptionTrophy Rarity
FINALS’ FrontrunnerGet all TrophiesPlatinum
Participation RibbonCreate a contestantBronze
Initial DepositInsert a cash box into a cashout stationBronze
Med StudentRevive a teammateBronze
Returning ContestantPlay 3 rounds of Quick CashBronze
Green LightPlay 10 rounds with a Light BuildBronze
Mass MediumPlay 10 rounds with a Medium BuildBronze
Play The HeavyPlay 10 rounds with a Heavy BuildBronze
Rising StarPlay 3 Tournament roundsBronze
Life Of The PartyPlay 10 rounds in a PartyBronze
Savings SpecialistObtain a total of 100,000 cashBronze
Lesson LearnerComplete the TutorialBronze
Attending PhysicianRevive teammates 50 timesBronze
Demolition Expert Deal 1,000,000 damage to arenasBronze
Dead ShotGet 300 eliminations with Ranged WeaponsSilver
Strong ArmGet 150 eliminations with Melee WeaponsSilver
Gadget GuruGet 150 eliminations with GadgetsSilver
Defense DevoteeBlock a total of 25,000 damageBronze
Resident DoctorHeal teammates for a total of 25,000 healthBronze
Light YearsWin 150 rounds with a Light BuildSilver
Medium RareWin 150 rounds with a Medium BuildSilver
Heavy HandWin 150 Rounds with a Heavy BuildSilver
Deep PocketsObtain a total of 50,000,000 cashGold
Show StopperWin the final round in Tournament or Ranked TournamentBronze
Stop PaymentEliminate an opponent while they are carrying a cash box, 5 timesBronze
Asset ProtectionEliminate an opponent trying to steal your cashout, 10 timesBronze
Last-minute GiftStart a cashout with less than 10 seconds remaining in the matchBronze
Buzzer BeaterSteal a cashout with less than 10 seconds remaining in the matchBronze
Highway PatrolEliminate an opponent while you are riding a Zipline, 10 timesBronze
Hot ShotEliminate an opponent while you are on fire, 5 times in a single roundBronze
Just Like ScottyWin a round in any mode without being eliminatedBronze
BombouncerEliminate an opponent by bouncing a grenade on a Jump PadBronze
Pressure PrizeHit an opponent in the head with an explosive carriableBronze
Dodgeball ChampionHit opponents with 3 different variables within 15 secondsBronze
Clip And SlideEliminate an opponent with a headshot while you are slidingSilver
MultitaskerEliminate 3 opponents with 3 different items or carriables within 10 secondsSilver
Busy BodyEliminate 3 opponents with a Melee Weapon within 10 secondsSilver
Crowd PleaserFinish in first place, 3 times in a rowGold
Pyro ProdigyEliminate 25 enemies with fireBronze
Toxic TactEliminate 25 enemies with gasBronze
Golden BulletGet a headshot elimination with the last bullet in the magazine of your primary weaponSilver
Fatal FloristEliminate a player with a flowerpotBronze
Charitable DonationEliminate an opponent with a cash boxBronze
Field GoalThrow a cash box into a cashout station from 20 meters awayBronze
Speed RunStart a cashout within 15 seconds after opening a vaultBronze

All Hidden Achievements in The Finals

NameDescriptionTrophy Rarity
ShowboasterUse an emote after eliminating a playerBronze
Butter FingersGet eliminated by your own grenadeBronze
Sky Bridge SaboteurDestroy the sky bridge in SeoulBronze
Artful ExperssionistEliminate a player while you are emotingBronze
Space Rock SkipperBounce a meteor off a Jump Pad during the Meteor Showers eventBronze
Blast CasterPlace an Explosive Mind on a carriable and get an elimination by throwing it at an enemyBronze

Those are all of the trophies and achievements players can earn while playing The Finals. Check out our Game Hub for guides and information on the title.


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