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AEW Fight Forever Pre-order Editions and Release Date Details

AEW: Fight Forever, a highly anticipated wrestling game, is now available for pre-order ahead of its release later this month.

A fresh addition to the gaming scene, AEW: Fight Forever is a new title, representing All Elite Wrestling, that could give the WWE 2K games a run for their money. Its unique blend of retro design and innovative wrestling moves promises an exciting gaming experience.

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What is AEW Fight Forever?

AEW: Fight Forever is the result of a dynamic collaboration between THQ Nordic, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and YUKE’S Co., Ltd. Combining hand-crafted animations with an arcade feel, the game captures a nostalgic gaming ambience.

In addition, the game breaks new ground by letting players perform wrestling moves traditionally seen only on AEW broadcasts. The mix of nostalgic aesthetics and novel gameplay forms a refreshing addition to the wrestling game universe.

Fight Forever also allows fans to engage in online co-op wrestling. Allowing players to pull off team manoeuvres with friends. Game modes range from Ladder Match and Casino Battle Royale to Exploding Barbed Wire, providing a truly diverse wrestling experience.

Beyond wrestling matches, Fight Forever also features a comprehensive career mode. It allows players to shape the journey of their wrestler, adding a depth of narrative that can keep gamers engaged for hours on end.

The game’s customisation capabilities add another level of intrigue. Players can modify the appearance, attire, move-sets, and entrances of their wrestlers. They can even create custom teams and arenas, making the gaming experience even more personal and immersive.

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What Editions Are Available for AEW Fight Forever?

AEW: Fight Forever is available in a Standard Edition and a Special Elite Edition. Both editions offer gamers a loaded roster of popular AEW wrestlers, career mode, customisation options, and diverse match types. However, the Elite Edition comes with additional perks, including early access and mini-games inspired by the biggest wrestlers in AEW.

The Elite Edition stands out with its unique offerings. Pre-ordering this edition grants early access to the game, and a 24-hour head start before the official release. Moreover, it expands the in-game wrestler roster with Matt Hardy and Broken Matt Hardy, as well as six other renowned AEW wrestlers such as Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler. This edition also includes four AEW-inspired mini-games, enriching the overall gaming experience.

AEW: Fight Forever Pre-order and Release Details

AEW: Fight Forever will release on June 29, 2023, for the following platforms: PC, PS4/5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch. Fans can pre-order now to secure their copy and enjoy the special offerings that come with it.

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