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Multiplayer Brawler, A Gummy’s Life, Coming to PlayStation & Xbox Soon

Developer EP Games have announced that their candy-themed multiplayer party game, A Gummy’s Life, will be coming to Xbox and PlayStation this September.

After a successful launch on both the Nintendo Switch and PC back in 2018, A Gummy’s Life is now set to grace PlayStation and Xbox consoles. On the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro it will run at 4K with 60fps. Furthermore, the newer generation of consoles will set it run at 4K with 120fps and dynamic resolution. So, if you want to see your favourite sweets rendered in the highest of resolutions, then you may want to consider picking it up on PlayStation or Xbox. A Gummy’s Life has been well received over on Steam, with 80% of the 136 reviews being positive. The CEO of EP Games, Daniel Barba, spoke about their excitement to bring their game to new consoles.

“We cannot wait to bring A Gummy’s Life to new players in less than a month! […] Battling unknown foes online or facing down family and friends in local play brings such a sugar rush – the only thing sweeter than gummies is beating your loved ones at A Gummy’s Life!”  

Daniel Barba ~ EP Games

You can watch its reveal trailer here.

Image Credit – EP Games

What Is A Gummy’s Life?

According to the press release, A Gummy’s Life is a “physics-based battle royale bonanza”. Players will be able to play as a wide range of sweets including a Gummy Bear, Cola Bottle or Fried Egg. Additionally, each character comes with their own statistics and optional cosmetics to make them feel unique. Once you’ve chosen your character, you’ll drop into one of the many game modes and duke it out either locally or online against up to 8 other players. Here’s some of what you can expect in A Gummy’s Life:

  • Battle it out against others in this physics-based brawler
  • Pick from a wide range of characters each with their own unique stats and skins
  • Play either online or locally with friends
  • Engage in one of the many game modes including Hot Potato, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All
A Gummy's Life - Gameplay
Image Credit – EP Games

Release Date & Price

A Gummy’s Life is launching onto PlayStation and Xbox consoles this September 24th. It currently costs around $14.99/£13.49 over on the Nintendo Switch, so expect similar pricing.