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Super Animal Royale Comes To Consoles With Brand-New Features

Publisher Modus Games and developer Pixile Studios have announced that their battle royale title, Super Animal Royale, has left Early Access and launched on consoles.

It was announced during the Future Games Show Gamescom event that aired earlier today that the incredibly popular isometric battle royale, Super Animal Royale, would be leaving Early Access. It launched on Steam over 2 years ago and has steadily grown a dedicated fanbase. To date, it has garnered 94% positive reviews across a whopping 17,155 people. Alongside its departure from Early Access, Super Animal Royale will be launching on consoles. Additionally, it will be receiving an “array of fresh content,” according to the press release.

Image Credit – Pixile Studios

What Is New To Super Animal Royale?

Firstly, Super Animal Royale, for those unaware, is a 2D isometric battle royale featuring genetically modified animals as its playable characters. Each match is fought between 64 players across a massive map. Additionally, players can pick from over 300+ breeds and kit themselves out with over 600+ cosmetic items.

During the Future Games Show Gamescom event, it was announced that several new features were being added to the game. These include:

  • The Super Frog breed
  • Mini Animal pets that will follow you around, as well as a brand-new petting zoo location where you can visit them. They can be purchased from the S.A.W. Shop or unlocked in the new Animal Pass
  • An archive system that will allow players to purchase or progress through previous Animal Passes. Essentially, it allows anyone who missed a previous pass to unlock all of its content at their own pace
  • New cosmetics, such as the Warrior Outfit, Super Warrior Skullcat, and the Macuahuitl melee weapon, are available for purchase in the Season 1 Starter Pack for a limited time
Super Animal Royale - Gameplay
Image Credit – Pixile Studios

Release Date & Price

Super Animal Royale will be released out of Steam Early Access today. Additionally, it will also be made available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox today. A Stadia launch will be arriving later this year. It will be free on all platforms.

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