Terror of Hemasaurus Key Art

Destroy Everything in Terror of Hemasaurus, Coming Soon

Indie publisher, Digerati, is incredibly excited to announce that Terror of Hemasaurus, the retro city smash ’em up, is coming to PC and consoles early next year.

This is the latest game from the mind of Loren Lemcke, the developer behind Super Blood Hockey. And if the 92% positive rating on Steam is anything to go off, then Terror of Hemasaurus is sure to be a success. You can check out the announcement trailer here.

What is Terror of Hemasaurus?

The Church of the Holy Lizard has hatched an ambiguous plan to save humanity from itself. Players will embark on a destructive and oddly satisfying adventure across multiple stages. Terror of Hemasaurus combines excellent pixel destruction with exaggerated explosions that would even make Michael Bay proud.

Players can expect to smash helicopters, eat humans, kick cars, and punch buildings on their own or with up to three friends in local co-op. You can also play as one of four monsters; Hemasaurus, Clocksloth, Salamandrah, and Autonomous Hemasaurus. You can check out the full list of features below:

  • Play as four terrifying beasts, each with their own unique movesets; Hemasaurus, Clocksloth, Salamandrah, and Autonomous Hemasaurus.
  • Destroy everything for the sake of the planet with plenty of explosions and mayhem
  • Cull the human population by throwing them into helicopter blades or butt slamming terrified citizens.
  • Follow the rules to complete each stage. Sometimes you will have to kick cars into buildings, and others, you might have to save all the cats and dogs. The possibilities are endless.
  • Up to four friends can cause chaos together on the same couch with 4 player local co-op.
Terror of Hemasaurus In-game Screenshot
Terror of Hemasaurus In-game Screenshot

Terror of Hemasaurus will release early next year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.