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YS IX: Monstrum Nox Out For PS4 Right Now!

YS IX: Monstrum Nox by NIS America, a brand-new entry in the highly acclaimed YS series, has finally been released on the PlayStation 4 today!

YS IX: Monstrum Nox sees the series take a whole new approach with a large open-world city to explore and all-new combat mechanics such as Gifts and Boost Mode. We see the return of Adol “the Red” Christin and his main man Dogi as they venture out to the city of Balduq. There, after being detained (you know, you’re every day touristy stuff), Adol meets Aprilis, a mysterious woman who offers him the courtesy of turning him into a Monstrum! Sounds eerie, but probably just another day for explorer Adol, hey.

Monstrums are supernatural beings whose job it is to expel and defeat shadowy creatures that are threatening the city! Being a Monstrum also means that you can scale walls like you’re a horse in Skyrim, detect hidden objects and have your own unique gift (sounds sweet if you ask me). In YS XI: Monstrum Nox you’ll get the chance to play as any of the six “notorious” Monstrum as well as the opportunity to explore and discover each of their unique abilities. You can explore the city, hopping from building to building, accept quests in an effort to help the townsfolk, and enter a mysterious realm called Grimwald Nox to defend Balduq against the approaching threat!

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All of this sounds very exciting, and it would seem that it is for the most part! YS XI: Monstrum Nox currently sits at a very respectable 80% on Metacritic and has a 7/10 from the folks over at PushSqaure! That’s high praise! If you’re a fan of the YS series, then this is likely the game for you, and if you’re not, or are new to it, then don’t worry as I don’t believe this is a continuation of a narrative from five games ago! You should be able to jump into this title without any knowledge of the previous titles!

If you’re interested in YS XI: Monstrum Nox then you can head on over to the PlayStation store and pick it up for £49.99 or $59.99, or if you’re still unsure there’s a demo available on the PlayStation store too! If you’re wavering on whether or not to wait and get it on the Switch or Steam, then fear not as the Nintendo Switch and PC versions are coming this summer!

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