Xenonauts 2 Enters Early Access in July

Xenonauts 2, Goldhawk Interactive’s much-anticipated sequel to the alt-history sandbox strategy game, has a summer release date.

UK-based developer Goldhawk Interactive released Xenonauts in 2014 and was well received by players, boasting 87% positive ratings on Steam. The game thrusts players into a Cold War-era history on Earth where a coalition of nations has formed an alliance to combat an alien invasion.

Xenonauts utilizes turn-based ground combat similar to the X-COM series. It offers unique features such as downing enemy aircraft with specific units, using research units to study enemy artifacts, and developing new weapons to combat the alien threat.

In-Game Screenshot
In-Game Screenshot, Steam

What is Xenonauts 2?

Xenonauts 2 is Goldhawk’s follow-up to the combat strategy game. The game looks to improve upon the elements of the original. It features a modern in-game engine, a new setting for players to defend, refined controls, and mechanics for both veterans and newcomers.

The game doesn’t boast classes but instead encourages players to pick soldiers and build loadouts around them to their liking. Xenonauts 2 will have players use each of the units at their disposal to help defend Earth. Each unit serves a function and can help piggyback off another to help serve the player in defending.

Xenonauts 2 Release Date And Price Details

Xenonauts 2 is being published by Hooded Horse. It will release in Early Access on July 18, 2023.

The game is available on the wishlist now on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. There are currently no known price details.


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