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Procedural Storytelling RPG, Wildermyth, Leaves Early Access This June

Indie developer Worldwalker Games have announced that their procedural storytelling RPG, Wildermyth, will be leaving Early Access this June.

Wildermyth is a storytelling RPG that has been in Early Access since November 2019. Since its time in Early Access, it has enjoyed critical acclaim, with 96% of reviews being positive. Many have praised its innovation and ingenuity, citing its ability to facilitate the creation of memorable characters and moments for the player. During its time in Early Access, it has received numerous updates adding in much-demanded features such as multiplayer. Nate Austin, the Co-Founder and Lead Programmer at Worldwalker Games spoke about the positive response they’ve received from players during Wildermyth’s time in Early Access.

“We’ve been excited and humbled by the response Wildermyth has received on Steam Early Access so far […] We can’t wait for even more players to create their characters and take them through this really unique RPG journey of growth, love, loss, and sacrifice.”

Nate Austin ~ Worldwalker Games.

What Is Wildermyth?

Wildermyth is a storytelling RPG with a huge focus on player choice and characters. Players will create a band of characters and set out on an epic quest. These characters will grow, age and evolve as you progress, and the choices they make have the power to reshape the world. There’s tactical turn-based combat to engage in and huge dynamic choices to be made, so there’s a lot to keep you entertained and enthralled. Here’s just some of what Wildermyth has to offer:

  • Embark on a party-based procedural storytelling RPG where your choices truly matter
  • Watch as your heroes grow and learn throughout their careers, from being naïve and brash to wise veterans with hundreds of stories to tell
  • Make difficult decisions that have the potential to alter your world and characters
  • Engage in turn-based battles across gorgeous papercraft style arenas
  • Whether your heroes come out victorious or dead, they’re sure to be remembered thanks to the game’s “Legacy” system. Watch as characters reappear in future playthroughs and become larger-than-life myths
Wildermyth - Gameplay
Image Credit – Worldwalker Games

Release Date & Price

Wildermyth officially launches on Steam this June 15th and is currently available for $24.99/£19.49. Head on over to its Steam store page and follow its continued development to get frequent updates and notified of when it launches. Will you be picking this one up? Let us know down in the comments below.