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Where to Find Sulfur in Palworld

If you are having trouble finding Sulfur in Palworld and want a definite location, then look no further, as here are all the details you need.

Palworld contains an abundance of ingredients that are vital to expand your base in the game. Sulfer is one such resource, and it allows you to create powerful items and gear. However it can be tricky to locate, but there are some locations that are almost guaranteed to contain it. Here is everything you need to know about finding Sulfar in Palworld.

Where to Get Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur can be found in varying locations throughout the regions of Palworld. Some of them can be found below:

  • Dungeons
    • In the starting area of the game, within the dungeons, several veins of Sulfur can be found.
  • Desert Region
    • The Desert biome of Palworld (located by the sand throughout the area) contains Sulfur. Just be prepared to tackle the area by having heat protection with you, as damage will be applied while exploring the region.
  • West of Cinnamoth Forest
  • Randomized Spawns in the First Region
    • For those uncomfortable traversing outside the beginning area can sometimes find Sulfur around the biome. However, this is a last resort.
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What Does Sulfur Look Like in Palworld?

Sulfur is recognizable as a yellow, rock-like material. It’s important to note that no standard tool can mine it, and you will need a Metal Pickaxe as the minimum for salvaging Sulfur. Once you have that, you will receive deposits of the resource when you strike it.

When acquiring Sulfur from Dungeons, it is strongly advised to equip a suitable loadout. These locations are inhabited by various Pals, each differing in lethality. To safely reach the Sulfur deposits, prioritize survivability items and bring your best companion.

Now you know where to find Sulfur in Palworld and how to identify it when exploring. Players interested in more information on the game can check out our Guide Hub here.


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