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Where to Find Pandemonium in Final Fantasy 16

Making good progress on the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16 and wondering where Pandemonium is? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Partaking in optional hunts with the Hunt Board is a great way to change up the gameplay and narrative pace and snag up extra rewards in doing so too.

Final Fantasy 16

What is the Hunt Board?

The Hunt Board is an in-game activity in Final Fantasy 16 that allows you to find and take down challenging beasts for a sizeable bounty of gil and renown. The actual board itself is unlocked in The Hideaway by talking to Gav after completing the story mission: The Gathering Storm.

After finding the specified enemy on the Hunt Board, go back and talk to Otto the Moogle to receive your rewards. Clearing all the hunts in the Hunt Board is required for a Silver PlayStation Trophy for those looking to snag the Platinum.

What’s unique about the Hunt Board is that the locations of the actual monsters are not listed, forcing you to explore and search every nook and cranny of an area to find your target. As the tier list of hunts gets higher, so are the descriptions of said hunts, but they usually provide a general idea of where you should look.

Where is Pandemonium Located in Final Fantasy 16?

Pandemonium is a Level 45 S-Tier hunt located in Wolfdarr in the Kingdom of Waloed region. You can find this giant orc leader by fast traveling to The Shadow Coast Obelisk and heading north then southwest, as seen in the map above. He will be waiting for you in a conveniently sized arena.

It is important to note that the Pandemonium hunt won’t be unlocked until you complete the main quest: Footfalls in Ash and reach level 45 with Clive.

Being an S-tier hunt and the King of the Orcs, Pandemonium is a rough fight in Final Fantasy 16 if not approached carefully. Be sure to stock up on potions and other consumable items to gain an advantage in battle, especially Stoneskin Tonics. Pandemonium will occasionally place land mines around the arena, so watch out when navigating the battle.

Pandemonium has 2 deadly moves to learn and study:

  • Sanguine Rite: Large red circles start to appear and he will spawn orbs that slowly descend and explode on impact. These should be easy to dodge.
  • Rictus of Horror: He will conjure up a large laser beam that can be lethal if not dodged in time. This move is well-telegraphed and should be easy to dodge too.

Rewards: Pandemonium drops 15000 experience points, 120 ability points, and 1 Stained Loincloth. Completing the hunt rewards you with 20000 Gil and 50 Renown.

See below for a description of the hunt:

Those few souls who were able to escape from Ash before the skies changed tell of Pandemonium, the King of the Orcs who led his fellow beastmen in revolt against Waloeder rule. Though his rebellion was swiftly crushed by King Barnabas’s armies, many of the orcs who now roam the Twins, sating their appetite for human flesh, bear his markings—suggesting that he still commands his forces today.

That’s all there is to finding Pandemonium in Final Fantasy 16. If you want to check out more news and guides on FF16, you can visit our guides hub here.