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What Are Multi-Kills in Call of Duty: MW3

Players can achieve different types of kill awards in Call of Duty: MW3, such as the multi-kill. But what is it, and how do you get it?

The Multiplayer mode in the Call of Duty series notifies players of their progress and achievements within a match. This feature has been present for many years and has even been incorporated into weapon challenges. One such achievement is getting a multi-kill, but some fans may be curious about how they actually get it. Below, we explain how to get a multi-kill in MW3 and what they are needed for.

What Are Multi-Kills in Call of Duty: MW3?

You will get a multi-kill when you have killed two or more enemies in quick succession. It only applies in the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: MW3. While this may sound like a double kill to many, in MW3 game, it is considered a multi-kill. It may sound easy, but on some maps, many players on the team are spaced out enough that achieving a multi-kill may not be such a simple task. When players get one, a notification will appear on the screen, letting them know it was earned.

The multi-kill is just one of the many notifications players can receive within a match, with one instance being what type of killstreak they are on. They can be earned from using weapons or getting quick succession kills while using a killstreak such as the Chopper Gunner or Cruise Missile. However, the multi-kills are not just for show as they have a purpose.

Riveter Shotgun Loadout Call of Duty: MW3
Riveter Shotgun Loadout Call of Duty: MW3

What Are Multi-Kills Needed For in Call of Duty: MW3

Multi-kills are needed to complete different weapon camo challenges within Call of Duty: MW3. Players looking to become completionists and earn all of the camos will need to earn the multi-kills using specific weapons to unlock the Forged camo for that weapon. Not every weapon needs to earn multi-kills, but below is a list of which weapons must be used:

  • Assault Rifle: SVA 545 (Get 25 multi-kills for Forged Camo)
  • Battle Rifle: BAS-B (Get 10 multi-kills for Forged Camo)
  • Shotgun: Riveter (Get 25 multi-kills for Forged Camo)

As you can see, not many weapons need you to get multi-kills to earn the camo for them. Furthermore, The weapons needed to acquire them are good choices in Multiplayer, and players should have no issues getting the necessary amount of multi-kills.

That is everything on multi-kills and how to earn them in Call of Duty: MW3. Players looking to learn more about the game can visit our Game Guide Hub.


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