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Unique Tower Defence Deckbuilder, Shapebreaker, Available Now

Solo indie developer Alexander Van den Bulck has released his tower defence deckbuilder, Shapebreaker onto Steam Early Access.

Shapebreaker is like if Balloon Tower Defense and Slay The Spire had a baby. It takes both the tower defence genre and the roguelike deckbuilder genre and smushes them together to create something quite unique. It is the sophomore game of solo developer Alexander Van den Bulck, with his first game, Command Line Pilot garnering favourable reviews. Despite launching into Steam Early Access, Shapebreaker already contains two of the three intended acts. So, if you pick it up now, you’ll have access to a significant portion of content.

Shapebreaker - Gameplay
Image Credit – Alexander Van den Bulck

You can check out the game’s Early Access trailer here.

What Is Shapebreaker?

As mentioned earlier, Shapebreaker combines the gameplay of both deckbuilders and tower defence games to create an intriguing fusion. By utilising cards to place new towers and upgrade existing ones, you’ll be able to take down an assortment of tricky enemies. They’ll beeline for your base, so you’ll have to think about the placement of your towers carefully. Additionally, through combining various modules, you’ll be able to create altogether new towers with which to wreak havoc on your opponent. There’s a lot to Shapebreaker, so here’s a handy breakdown of some of its best features:

  • Collect a wide assortment of cards to bolster your deck
  • Utilise your cards to build and upgrade your towers
  • Combine modules to create brand-new towers
  • Unlock passive upgrades to help you in battle

Release Date & Price

Shapebreaker is available right now via Steam Early Access. It costs a measly £2.09, although the price is expected to increase once the Early Access period ends.

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