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Relaxing Indie, Cloud Gardens Finally Receives Switch Release Date

After a short delay, developer Noio and publisher Coatsink have revealed the release date for the Nintendo Switch port of Cloud Gardens.

Earlier this month, developer Noio announced that the Nintendo Switch edition of their critically acclaimed title, Cloud Gardens would be delayed. While the Xbox version launched just under nine months ago, Switch players have had to twiddle their thumbs a tad. Fortunately, those anticipating this relaxing title will wait no longer. Well, just a little longer, but it’s coming very soon, don’t worry.

Finally, after the long wait, the Nintendo Switch port has an official release date! Oh, and a very enticing price.

Check out the game’s Nintendo Switch announcement trailer here.

Release Date, Price & Info On Cloud Gardens

The game is due to launch on the Nintendo Switch on June 16th. It will cost a very reasonable £13.99/$17.99 USD/ €14.99. If you’re not sure what this game is, or want to know a little bit more about it, you can check out our original piece on it here.

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