Ubisoft Forward: What Games Will Be Revealed?

Ubisoft will be hosting its own event during the upcoming reveal week, after the highly-anticipated Summer Game Fest showcase. The event is scheduled for June 12 at 9:45 am PST/ 12:45 pm EST/ 2:45 am AEST (next day). You can check out the full showcase here.

We can most likely expect to see more information on titles already revealed, as well as upcoming games that have not been announced as of yet. Ubisoft has many different games currently in development. However, there is a good chance that many of those titles are unannounced and Ubisoft will be using this event to showcase what they have in store.

While it is usually hard to determine or predict what may be shown at a game reveal. There are a few notable titles that come to many players that are most likely to be shown during this Ubisoft Forward. Who knows, maybe even old favorites from Ubsioft will be announced this year?

Skull & Bones – Ubisoft

Splinter Cell

It has been over a decade since we saw a mainline Splinter Cell game released on consoles. Ubisoft Toronto developed the 2013 title and it was released to very positive reviews. It told the story of protagonist Sam Fisher as he works to stop a terrorist group known as “The Engineers” from conducting attacks on the United States.

There had been no news of a new Splinter Cell game since its release until Ubisoft confirmed a remake of the first game in 2021. Although the announcement stated that it was in early development, there have been no updates since. The game is being made by the team at Ubisoft Toronto and will run on the Snowdrop Engine. The same engine used for The Division games.

The Ubisoft Forward would be the perfect place to give an update on the remake. It would make sense to not see much or any gameplay, but a title card announcement or a possible release window for the game may be possible. We could expect to see the release date as being 2024, but an exact would be hard to pinpoint.

Splinter Cell Remake, Concept Art – Ubisoft Toronto

The Crew Motorfest

The Crew has been a long-running racing series for Ubisoft. The first Crew was released in 2014, with the sequel released in 2018. Ubisoft decided to go the route of Forza Horizon by turning the premise into a racing festival. The Crew 2 received average reviews but The Crew Motorfest could be looking to change that.

Motorfest was revealed in a teaser trailer with the location being a 1:1 scaled-down version of Oahu, Hawaii. The game is set to release in 2023, but the exact date has not been announced yet. Ubisoft has stated that they will reveal more details about the game soon, with the last update being in March. With the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event, it is expected that we will finally get to see gameplay footage and preorders may become available. A probable release date for the game would be between September and October 2023.

Motorfest looks to lean back into the festival atmosphere. In combination with the scenery change from the continental USA to Hawaii, it will be exciting to see what Ubisoft has planned to show off with the game.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

During the Ubisoft Forward at E3 2021, Ubisoft revealed a trailer for their upcoming Avatar game. In 2017, Massive Entertainment – a partner studio of Ubisoft – announced their plan to develop a new game. Having previously worked on The Division series, they decided to venture into the open-world genre of Pandora, much to the surprise of many viewers.

Avatar will be a first-person action-adventure game and originally had a release date of 2022 before being subsequently delayed. The delay is possible in part due to other Ubisoft titles underperforming during the 2022 year. Given that there is more gameplay to be shown, the Ubisoft event will likely not only show off more but it will give gamers a release date as well. As of now, the game’s release window is 2023-2024.

This game has been highly anticipated, given that Avatar is one of the biggest-grossing movies of all time and has a massive following. It will be interesting to see how the game looks as a first-person title, especially for an IP that has only been adapted to film. The world of Pandora from Avatar is also an incredible creation and giving players the chance to experience has definitely generated much hype around the community.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Ubisoft

What Games Can We Expect To See During the Ubisoft Forward?

Ubisoft has many titles that are very much anticipated by fans both announced and unannounced. We will see more gameplay footage for Assassins Creed: Mirage. Maybe as well, more information on their Feudal Japan iteration, currently titled Assassins Creed Codename Red.

Skull & Bones, Ubisoft Singapore’s pirate adventure game was announced in 2017. After many delays, it’s latest being delayed between 2023-2024. It looks to be as if 2024 is a safe bet and there could potentially be a development update given for the game at this year’s Ubisoft Forward. The game looks to be a competitor for Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves, so Ubisoft could be looking to garner interest in the game this week.

How to Watch Ubisoft Forward 2023?

Ubisoft Forward is slated for June 12th and promises to deliver a powerhouse presentation. The event is scheduled for June 12 at 9:45 am PST/ 12:45 pm EST/ 2:45 am AEST (next day).

The event will be live-streamed on YouTube and Twitch. Also, don’t forget that you can earn rewards in various Ubisoft games through Twitch Drops and their linked Ubisoft Connect accounts.