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Try Out The Stylish Action Platformer SANABI In A Special Beta

Developer WONDER POTION and publisher NEOWIZ have announced that there will be a limited-time beta testing event for their upcoming stylish platformer, SANABI.

The “dystopian action-platformer” SANABI, originally titled SANNABI: The Revenant is being published by the veteran indie publisher behind the critically acclaimed Skul: The Hero Slayer (read our review here) and Blade Assualt. It follows their previous efforts in featuring stunning pixel art visuals. It also seeks to offer players an exhilarating futuristic action platforming experience like no other. Fortunately, for those who wish to try the game early, you can sign up to join the special beta happening very soon.

SANABI - Gameplay
Image Credit – WONDER POTION

Check out the game’s official reveal trailer here.

The SANABI Limited-Time Beta

Developer WONDER POTION has revealed some new content for SANABI and wants players to come out and test it. During the test, you’ll be able to access the first chapter as well as the majority of the second. Additionally, a lot of the game’s core mechanics will be at your disposal.

Image Credit – WONDER POTION

You can join the beta via the game’s Steam store page. Simply click the “Request Access” button beneath the “Join the SANABI Playtest” section and you’ll have registered. The beta begins on January 17th and runs until February 2nd, so you have plenty of time to register.

If you want to know more about SANABI, you can read our article all about it here.