Sand Land Ancient Gold Coins

Sand Land: How to Get Ancient Gold Coins

Players will need to gather as many Ancient Gold Coins as they can in Sand Land to unlock treasure maps. Here’s exactly where to find them.

Sand Land has a lot of things to do in its vast, arid, open world, including the very exciting art of treasure hunting. However, as all good treasure hunters know, you need a treasure map to locate your booty. Of course, players can buy treasure maps in Sand Land, but first, they’ll need Ancient Gold Coins, and these are even harder to get than the treasure itself. Fortunately, we’ve explained how to get your hands on as many Ancient Gold Coins as you need.

How to Get Ancient Gold Coins in Sand Land

To get more Ancient Gold Coins in Sand Land, you’ll need to explore the ruins. These act as the game’s dungeons, and are host to all kinds of useful loot. You’ll find Ancient Gold Coins inside of chests, which are usually located in hard-to-reach places. Certain ruins will require you to use a specific kind of vehicle, such as a motorbike to get over a fissure, or a tank to blow open a wall.

Unfortunately, ruins are not easy to find. So, we recommend activating the Radio Towers in each area in order to reveal their location on your map. You can see what the ruin icon looks like in the image below. Once you’ve found the ruin, you’ll need to make sure you explore every nook and cranny of it. There are several chests per ruin, and while one will contain an Ancient Gold Coin, you’re also likely to find Ancient Silver and Bronze Coins.

Sand Land map showing ruin location
The icon for ruins in Sand Land

How to Use Ancient Gold Coins in Sand Land

Ancient Gold Coins can be traded with Lassi in Spino for a treasure map. You’ll need two Ancient Gold Coins per treasure map. Once you’ve bought a treasure map, all of the treasure in that region will be revealed on your map, allowing you to go and collect it all. It will appear like a glowing light or a chest in the open world. You’ll need to obtain all of the treasure if you want to 100% Sand Land.

So, getting Ancient Gold Coins is definitely worthwhile, especially if you’re after more loot and resources. However, you’ll need to be diligent in your search for each ruin in order to find them. That’s everything you need to know about Ancient Gold Coins in Sand Land. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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