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To The Rescue! Announces PC & Switch Release Dates

The dog shelter simulation game, To The Rescue!, by developer Little Rock Games, has received release dates for both the PC and Nintendo Switch versions.

To The Rescue! was announced a little while ago, and we have been following its development closely. Up until now, the game has had a tentative release date for autumn or Q3 2021. However, the developers at Little Rock Games have announced its official release date for both PC and the Nintendo Switch. For those who have been eagerly anticipating the launch of To The Rescue!, this is undoubtedly incredibly exciting news. If you want to build a little hype for the game before it launches this November, then check out our interview with Olivia Dunlap, a developer on To The Rescue!.

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Image Credit – Little Rock Games

You can check out the game’s release date trailer here.

What Is To The Rescue!?

While there are numerous reasons to be excited about the launch of To The Rescue!, it would be the game’s determination to realistically portray the inner workings of a dog shelter that stands out. Players will be put in charge of managing a dog shelter and its many residents and will have to deal with various tough situations, including everything from illness and injuries to the finances of the shelter itself. If you want to know more about what you can expect to find in To The Rescue!, you can read our article all about it here. However, here is a quick breakdown of some of what you can expect when it launches this November:

  • Create everlasting memories with all your dogs. Each and every one is entirely unique, having their own generated traits and preferences.
  • Take care of your dogs’ needs, from petting to filling up their water bowl.
  • Ensure your shelter is in tip-top shape, and upgrade it with new kennels, cleaners, and more!
  • Manage the shelter’s finances to ensure its survival.
  • Say goodbye to your doggo friends and give them a warm and welcoming home.
  • Support charity as 20% of the profit from all sales will go towards real-life dog shelters!
To The Rescue! In-game Screenshot
Image Credit – Little Rock Games

Release Date & Price

To The Rescue! is launching onto Steam this November 4, with the Nintendo Switch version coming in Q1 2022. Head on over to its Steam store page to wishlist it and be notified of any future updates.

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