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Give A Dog A Home In ‘To The Rescue’ On Switch And Steam This Autumn

Developer Little Rock Games and publisher Freedom Games are bringing their adorably wholesome dog shelter simulation title To The Rescue to the Nintendo Switch and Steam this Autumn.

To The Rescue is a simulation game in the same vein as Prison Architect or Academia: School Simulator. Only this title isn’t set in a grimy prison or a, let’s be honest, equally grimy school. No, this simulation title is set in a dog rescue shelter, a place of love, warmth and at times difficult trials and tribulations. To The Rescue is a celebration of dog shelters around the world and the hard work and determination they put in every single day. Olivia Dunlap, the co-founder of development studio Little Rock Games, spoke about the inspirations behind To The Rescue and what it means to the developers:

“The challenges dog shelters and their volunteers face every day truly inspire us […] It’s a setting we felt was ripe for exploration in games and we look forward to bringing this world to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year.”

Olivia Dunlap ~ Little Rock Games.
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What Is To The Rescue?

To The Rescue is a simulation game in which the player must care for dogs. You’ll be able to look after the dogs everyday needs, before handing them over to a loving family. On top of caring for each and every dog, you’ll also have to micromanage the shelter including upgrading it and managing finances. Here’s everything you can expect when it launches:

  • Create everlasting memories with all your dogs. Each and every one is entirely unique having their own generated traits and preferences
  • Take care of your dogs’ needs from petting them to filling up their water bowl
  • Ensure your shelter is in tip-top shape and upgrade it with new kennels, cleaners and more!
  • Manage the shelter’s finances to ensure its survival
  • Say goodbye to your doggo friends and give them a warm and welcoming home
  • Support charity as 20% of the profit from all sales will go towards real-life dog shelters!
To The Rescue - Construction
Image Credit – Little Rock Games

Release Date & Price

To The Rescue will launch in the Autumn of 2021 and will cost $19.99. If you head on over to the game’s Steam store page you can wishlist it to get notified whenever the game is updated, or look out for its release on the Nintendo Switch? Will you be picking up To The Rescue when it drops later this year? Let us know down in the comments below!

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