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Supernatural Adventure, The Rewinder, Receives Trailer & Release Date

Developer Misty Mountain Studio and publisher Gamera Game have announced that the 2D puzzle-adventure game inspired by Chinese folklore, The Rewinder, will release this September.

The Rewinder is an upcoming puzzle adventure game by the six-person development studio Misty Mountain Studio. It is being published by veteran indie publisher Gamera Game who have published such classics as Iconoclasts, Passpartout: The Starving Artist and the smash hit Amazing Cultivation Simulator. The Rewinder takes both visual and thematic inspiration from traditional Chinese folklore. Its inspirations are evident in both its pixel art style and its puzzle-based gameplay. Additionally, the developer has released a brand new story trailer. Essentially, it explores the narrative and world of The Rewinder while also teasing some interesting developments.

You can check out the brand new trailer here.

Image Credit – Misty Mountain Studio

What Is The Rewinder?

The Rewinder is a 2D supernatural puzzle-adventure game with a Chinese folklore twist. Players will take on the role of the last Rewinder named Qi Yun. Fortunately, Qi Yun has the ability to not only travel through time but also explore other people’s memories. You will be tasked with going back in time to rewrite the future and save it from possible desolation. The Rewinder features puzzles and visuals that take great inspiration from the rich Chinese history and folklore. Here is some of what you can expect when it launches this September:

  • Explore a stunning supernatural world brought to life by the game’s unique pixel art
  • Immerse yourself in a story inspired by Chinese folklore. Meet classic mythical figures such as the Spirit Wardens and the Tudi Gong
  • Engage in unique puzzle mechanics inspired by Chinese history
  • Collect “senses” from within the Memory World to alter NPC’s “intentions” and change the course of history forever
  • Travel through time as a superpowered detective and collect clues to solve the mystery of a lifetime
The Rewinder - Gameplay
Image Credit – Misty Mountain Studio

Release Date & Price

The Rewinder will release on September 10th for Steam. There is currently no word on price. You can check out its Steam store page here and wishlist it to get future updates. Additionally, you can check out its free demo to try before you buy.

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