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Fast-Paced City Builder, T-Minus 30, Launches Onto Steam Today

Co-developed by Dejobaan Games and Grey Alien Games, the fast-paced, single-player city builder, T-Minus 30, launches on Steam today.

While most city builders prioritize longer play sessions and thoughtful construction, the apocalyptic T-Minus 30 will see players do their best to build with haste. Fortunately, the developers of Dejobaan Games and Grey Alien Games aren’t inexperienced with fast-paced games. Dejobaan Games’ previous efforts include the aptly named 20 Minute Metropolis, which isn’t too dissimilar to T-Minus 30 in design. Grey Alien Games are likely best known for the RPG card games such as Shadowhand and Ancient Enemy. Combined, it feels as if T-Minus 30 could be the ultimate fast-paced city builder currently available. You can watch the reveal trailer here.

Image Credit – Dejobaan Games/Grey Alien Games

What Is T-Minus 30?

T-Minus 30 is a frantic city builder that sees players try and save the last remaining survivors of an apocalypse. Players will have 30 minutes to scavage as many resources as they can to build rockets and fly their survivors to safety. You’ll start with a small settlement and must collect resources from your surroundings. From there, you must decide whether to invest in safer, higher-tech equipment that houses fewer people or mass-produce 1960s-era rocketry. Here is some of what you can expect in T-Minus 30:

  • Experience a fast-paced city builder like no other
  • Explore a post-apocalyptic world and scavenge resources from its abandoned civilizations
  • Play endlessly thanks to the procedurally generated maps
  • Be quick, as you’ll only have 30 minutes to save as much as you can
T-Minus 30 - Gameplay
Image Credit – Dejobaan Games/Grey Alien Games

Release Date & Price

T-Minus 30 is available right now for purchase on Steam. It costs $9.99/£7.19 or your regional equivalent. However, it is currently having a 10% discount sale that will last until the 2nd of September.

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