The Dungeon Experience In-game Screenshot of Door

The Dungeon Experience: Gameplay, Release Date, and Pricing Details

The Dungeon Experience is shaping up to be one of the most enjoyable and hilarious upcoming video games that we highly recommend keeping a close eye on.

At SXSW Sydney 2023, Game Crater was fortunate enough to play the hands-on 30-minute demo, and it allowed us to dive deep into its hilarious and mystical world, invoking side-splitting laughter throughout. Here is everything we know so far about The Dungeon Experience.

What is The Dungeon Experience?

The Dungeon Experience is an audacious blend of humor and high fantasy in a first-person guided adventure game. You will be guided through a dungeon by a somewhat inept but absolutely hilarious level 1 mud-crab turned entrepreneur, playing the role of Dungeon Master, whose ambitions might just slightly outweigh his budget and skill set. While you’re likely going to struggle not to laugh throughout the game, here is everything you can expect from The Dungeon Experience:

  • Point-and-click adventure game filled to the brim with humor.
  • An immersive first-person guided tour run by a humorous level 1 crab-turned-Dungeon Master.
  • Engage in dialogue choices that lead to a myriad of funny scenarios.
  • Explore a fantastical dungeon complete with magic, the occasional dark evils, and even pesky co-workers.
The Dungeon Experience image of Crab
In-game Screenshot

The Dungeon Experience Release Date and Pricing Details

While an official release date remains elusive, it’s worth noting that there’s palpable excitement around The Dungeon Experience. Everyone we spoke with at PAX Aus 2023 and SXSW Sydney 2023 mentioned that this game was one of their favorites. The unique blend of humor, adventure, and mystery behind its publishing (by a mystical man from the forest) makes it one of the most highly anticipated indie games right now.

As of now, the game will be available on PC, and while there’s no pricing detail available, rest assured we’ll keep you updated with the latest news. You can follow our Guide Hub for the game here. The Dungeon Experience is available to Wishlist on Steam now.