SXSW Sydney 2024 Submissions Are Open

SXSW Sydney returns in 2024, and all the details for how to make a submission to participate are available below.

The inaugural SXSW Sydney 2023 hosted 1,178 sessions and events, attracting 287,000 attendees and participants worldwide, including some high-profile celebrities. As SXSW Sydney makes its return in 2024, you now have the opportunity to submit your work and get involved. Here’s what you need to know.

When Do SXSW Sydney 2024 Submissions Open?

SXSW Sydney 2024 officially starts the submission process for its much-anticipated 2024 edition on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. This announcement serves as an open call to creators, innovators, and thought leaders who are passionate about making a difference and showcasing their talent on a global stage. With this announcement, you can submit your application right now on the SXSW website.

The call for submissions is not just an opportunity to be part of SXSW Sydney but a chance to contribute to a global dialogue, spark change, and connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders. The NSW Government and Destination NSW support SXSW Sydney 2024. They are positioning it as a pivotal gathering for those at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

SXSW Sydney: Image Credit SXSW
SXSW Sydney: Image Credit SXSW

What Types of Submissions Are Accepted in SXSW Sydney 2024?

SXSW Sydney 2024 is inviting submissions across a variety of formats and subjects. Here are the areas they are focusing on:

Session Select for the Conference

This includes proposals for panels, presentations, workshops, meetups, and podcasts designed to inspire change. The conference will feature 23 tracks. This will cover new areas such as the Creator Economy, Cyber & Your Data, Education & Skills, Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty, and Food. The selection process emphasizes community involvement. The SXSW Sydney 2024 community and a team of Conference advisors will be picking the content for this year’s event.

SXSW Sydney: Image Credit SXSW
SXSW Sydney: Image Credit SXSW

Games, Music, and Screen Showcases

SXSW Sydney also seeks submissions for its Games, Music, and Screen Festivals, which include innovative and genre-defying feature films, shorts, games, music bands, solo projects, music videos, episodic works, and fiction and non-fiction projects that utilize virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). This is a chance for artists and creatives to present their work to an audience of industry colleagues, media, and fans and to connect with investors and peers from the Asia-Pacific region.

SXSW Sydney 2024 represents a great opportunity for creators and innovators to showcase their ideas and projects on a global stage. With a commitment to fostering creativity and collaboration, the event promises to be a vibrant gathering of the world’s most forward-thinking minds. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a new voice looking to make an impact, SXSW Sydney invites you to submit your work and be part of a growing community of global thought leaders.