Back 4 Blood Beta Launch Times

The Back 4 Blood Open Beta Starts This Weekend: No Preorder Needed

The Back 4 Blood Open Beta starts this weekend, and it is open to everyone, regardless of whether you have preordered or not.

The Back 4 Blood Early Access Open Beta was a huge success, with the early access beta reaching a peak of 98,024 on Steam. This doesn’t include the countless players who would have played on a console.

While the previous beta was only available to those who preordered, another is on its way. Fortunately, anyone can join this time, and you don’t need to pre-order the game. The Back 4 Blood beta launches at the same time it finishes. All the times are available below. Please keep in mind that Australia and other countries from the future will be next morning (13th-17th).

What Content Will Be Available in the Back 4 Blood Open Beta?

The second Open Beta will feature the same content as the Early Access. Therefore, players can make their way through the first act and travel through two areas: Evansburgh and Blue Dog. These levels can be played as much as you want and evolve as players collect cards, pick classes, and let the AI Director lead the way.

Players can also check out the game’s wild competitive multiplayer. This mode involves a team of Cleaners (the humans) surviving against a team of Ridden (the zombies) for as long as possible across three rounds. The maps are also based on the areas in Act One: Evansburgh and Blue Dog.

The Back 4 Blood Open Beta will include cross-gen and cross-play support, so friends on different consoles can party up together. The Open Beta also doesn’t require an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live membership on consoles.

Back 4 Blood is available now, and you can read our review here.