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Ten of the Most Adorable Characters in Video Games

Over the years, video games have won us over with either an adorable main protagonist, a sidekick, or a cute character that shows up for no more than five minutes.

Due to their enormous popularity, they have made a massive impact on these games and have even gone on to become playable characters or receive their own media. So many cute characters enter our lives, but some aren’t quite as memorable. Here are the most adorable characters in video games; prepare to scream from cuteness.

Boos (Mario Franchise)

boo from the Mario Franchise is Adorable
Credit Image – GQ

Boo is a haunting enemy from the well-known Mario series. Boos are known for their large tongues, little arms and shy personalities, making them adorable.

They will cover their faces if anyone turns around to look at them and uncover them when you turn away. In Super Mario Galaxy, it’s revealed that they speak their own language, ‘Booish’. If that doesn’t make you scream, then I don’t know what will.

Hestu (Zelda Franchise)

Hestu Key Art
Image Credit – Gameranx

Hestu is a loveable dancing “little” guy who appears in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. In BOTW, Hestu asks Link for help because monsters steal his maracas and explains he is powerless without them.

Once you get them back, he realises that the Korok seeds inside the maracas are gone. Furthermore, Hestu explains that once he gets at least one Korok seed back, he can sing and dance. Eventually, his powers are able to expand Links inventory. Adorable. 

Sackboy (Little Big Planet)

Image Credit – PlayStation

Sackboy, from the LittleBigPlanet series, is made from knitted wool, stuffing and a large zipper down the front of his chest. With button eyes and a big pink tongue, he is a character you can’t look past without saying “naw”.

You have the ability to make them incredibly happy, with their tongue hanging out, or super sad, where they’re basically crying. With a range of collectable costumes, this little character is one that stole our hearts. 

Poochy (Yoshi)

Image credit – Nintendo

This cute, cuddly doggo is one that is sure to make any dog-lover happy. Poochy appears alongside Yoshi and has the ability to help him across dangerous spikes and lava.

He has a spotted coat with a long red tongue, a black studded collar, lips and a red ball at the end of his tail. To make him even cuter, he frequently barks cheerfully when he walks.

Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

In-game Screenshot of Isabelle

Isabelle assists players in Animal Crossing and is always seen with an incredibly big smile and friendly nature. She is eager to help the player in any task to make the town succeed. Isabelle also has her own real-life Twitter account, updating players on all the latest updates.

Fashionable, friendly, and up-to-date on social media, Isabelle is one adorable character that will make you feel welcome every time you turn on the game.

Chocobo (Final Fantasy Franchise) 

These ostrich-like birds were first introduced in Final Fantasy 1 as the animation of the Confuse Black Magic spell but have come a long way since then. In Final Fantasy XIV, you can fulfil all your dreams by riding a Chocobo when you reach level 20.

And in Final Fantasy XV, you can even see a baby black Chocobo born; its fuzziness will excite anyone.

Toadette (Mario franchise)

Image credit: Nintendo

Toadette is an adorable character with a mushroom, pink hat, white spots and long round pigtails. She has oval eyes, is always smiling, and, in her pink dress, a character that couldn’t escape the list.

Originally introduced to us as a Toad’s racing partner in Mario Kart: Double Dash, she appears in countless other titles like Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door, Mario Power Tennis, Super Mario Maker 2, and many more. Not only are Toadette and Road working partners, but also best friends. It’s a friendship of adorableness, and we want in!

Kirby (Kirby)

Image credit: Nintendo

Kirby is one of the most popular Nintendo characters with its pink circular body, stubby arms, red shoes and big round eyes. They can inhale objects and creatures to gain their powers and float by expanding their body like a balloon.

Kirby also starred in their own anime series, Kirby: Right Back at Ya, and many manga and comics in several countries. Furthermore, Kirby has a cheerful attitude and enjoys helping others. However, Kirby loves nothing more than eating and sleeping. Ah, Kirby, living the dream life. 

Pikmin (Pikmin) 

Pikmin 4 Screenshot 1

Captain Olimar crash-landed on a strange, unknown planet where he befriended plant-animal creatures named Pikmin. Starting the series with only four, more Pikmin arrived with different abilities as the franchise grew.

Pikmin generally have the same appearance: a humanoid body, bulb-shaped head, two round eyes, two arms and legs with a tall stem and a five-petal flower/ leaf or bud that grows on their head.

Each Pikmin goes through three stages. The leaf is usually the slowest and weakest. The second stage is the bud, with increased speed and power. Lastly, the three-stage flower can be gained by allowing the Pikmin to drink nectar and letting them mature in the ground. Moreover, Pikmin will follow Captain Olimar because they consider him a parental figure. Naw.

Eevee (Pokemon) 

Image Credit – Nintendo

Eevee came into our lives in the first generation of Pokemon and is well known for having the most (and cutest) possible evolutions: eight. With its cute design and its personality, it has gained enormous popularity.

Eevee is a small fox-like creature with bushy brown fur, a fluffy cream-coloured ruff around its neck and a fox-like tail. We do apologise if we start an Eevee War on who the best Eeveelution is (it’s Glaceon), but these adorable Pokemon are not to pass up.