Ten Characters That Should Be In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Everyone wants their favourite characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The joy of interacting with them and building a special connection is what truly elevates the enjoyment of the game. Also, we certainly don’t want beloved characters to be forgotten about.

Here are some recommendations to make everyone’s Valley even more magical.


Screenshot from Big Hero 6

Baymax is a light-hearted character that would be a wonderful addition to the Valley. His healing capabilities would make him the perfect personal healthcare companion. Especially for everyone around the Valley when they are found in trouble.

This could potentially introduce quests that don’t always use magic to cure characters, which would be an interesting dynamic. More robot characters are definitely needed, and the much-loved Baymax would be a wonderful choice.

Judy Hops

Screenshot from Zootopia

Judy Hops, being the determined police officer she is, would do a great job defending the Valley from danger. Much like Buzz Lightyear sending the player on missions to protect the galaxy, Judy could do the same in her own way.

There is also a need for different kinds of animal characters. Taking good care of the Valley and its characters is her job, and this makes a seemingly mundane task even more special.

Snow White

Screenshot from Snow White

Another classic princess is just what is needed for the Valley. Ariel is already part of this category within Disney Dreamlight Valley, but her being locked to water for the majority of the time gives players less interactivity with her.

Whereas Snow White allows the player to have a better opportunity in experiencing a classic Disney Princess. Snow White is a beloved character that would bring many benefits, especially to the animals of the Valley.

Jiminy Cricket

Screenshot from Pinocchio

I think Jiminy possesses the potential to nurture and support other characters, while offering the player distinctive quests that deepen their understanding of The Forgetting storyline.

Jiminy can serve as the player’s conscience, guiding them through this process. Not only can Jiminy provide a fresh perspective, but they can also contribute to the progression of various questlines throughout the Valley, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow would be a fantastic addition to the ocean-related characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Jack Sparrow could bring a comedic heart to the Valley, it would be interesting to see if he’d be classed as a hero or a villain.


Mickey and Minnie are together in the Valley but Donald is all on his lonesome, how could we forget Daisy? I was surprised she was not in the game as it only makes sense to have Donald’s counterpart, as well as Mickeys!

He must feel lonely without her, which is why I think she needs to be included. She has the opportunity to reconnect with the original friend group, which would be a sweet reunion for all of them.


Screenshot from The Emperor’s New Groove

Disney Dreamlight Valley only has a small batch of villains, which needs to expand soon. Yzma would be the perfect candidate for the group.

Her potion-making and overall personality would give more for the villains to work with. This could lead to some interesting quests as well.

Yzma would bring fun chaos to the Valley as her overall character is comedic, despite her evil attempts.


Screenshot from Brave

Merida is another princess that would be a great incorporation, as she also does not follow the traditional princess story in Disney, like some of the other princesses already in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Her unique story can lead to some very interesting quests. A great idea would be to allow a whisp as a companion, like Moana’s Pua. However, just having Merida in Disney Dreamlight Valley would be a wonderful addition.

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

In-game Screenshot from Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

With Oswald’s last appearance in a game being Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, this is a great opportunity to bring this classic character back into the foreground; He definitely deserves a much-needed comeback.

Oswald would allow younger players to discover his character and learn about his connection to Mickey. It would help a new generation fall in love with another great Disney character.

Winnie The Pooh

Screenshot from Piglet’s Big Movie

Winnie the Pooh is one of the most beloved Disney characters, and it is surprising he and his friends aren’t in the game. Winnie the Pooh has the biggest potential for introducing so many different things into the game. A new biome in the Valley would be a great start.

With so many characters being potentially added, the Hundred Acre Wood would be a magnificent biome to help expand the real estate and adventure in the Valley. Along with honey pots and other things, it has a great way to incorporate not only Winnie the Pooh but also the rest of the gang.

Everyone is hoping their favourite characters will be added as soon as they can. With Disney Dreamlight Valley in early access, the developers are adding characters as frequently as they can. I am sure these much-loved characters, and more, will enter the Valley in no time.

Are there any characters that you would want to see join the Valley? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. to open an another valley gor Winnie the pooh and the gang would be amazing idea. the characters is awesome. I love it when you add more characters to the game.

  2. Beauty and the beast gang
    Aladdin and friends
    Cinderella and friends
    The monkey from lion king
    The rest of the gang from little mermaid.101 Dalmatians. Rest of toy story and friends

  3. Trazan
    Sora Kairi riku and Roxas
    Rest of toy story toys
    Hercules and Megan Zeus

  4. Goofy’s son Max and Donald’s nephews would be great additions, because they wouldn’t need their own houses, you could just expand existing ones. I’m running out of room as it is.

  5. I’m patiently waiting on a update. I have got all the biomes open,the 6 characters out of the Castle, all characters to a level 10, so why can’t you add Cinderella to go with Fair Godmother. You have mother Gotham so you need Rapunzel! And you need Daisy to go with Donald. You should add to lion king as well. I’m at a stand still until y’all update and add characters.

  6. Milo and Kida since we find all those notes in the Atlantis language.
    Would also love Mulan, Alice characters, Pocahontas, Tiana (to work alongside Remy), Maleficent, just to name a few.

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